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The Major Benefits of Stainless Steel Continuous Hinge

Stainless steel continuous hinges provide reliable operation for high impact and high traffic use. The continuous strip design means that they cover the entire length of the door and opening, therefore providing a tighter fitment and better support especially for heavy doors. They can also maintain door alignment and make installations easier without the need for a cutout or recess on the door or doorframe.


A continuous hinge covers the entire length of the door and leaves no gaps or space in between surfaces to prevent anyone from prying a door open, providing added security benefits. For this reason, institutions like prisons and banks often use continuous hinges for their specific applications and requirements. Continuous hinges also create a tight fit with no gaps along the length of the door and frame. This makes for a better weather seal, which is ideal for weatherproofing. This characteristic makes continuous hinges good temperature barriers to keep heat in or out, resulting to more energy savings. 


Stainless steel is a very tough material with corrosion and fire-resistant properties. It can take heavier loads because of its continuous design, which helps distribute the load evenly along its length and allows it to carry more weight without buckling. Stainless steel continuous hinges are also easy to align as they are fitted as 1 straight piece. This is an advantage that it has over a multiple hinge install, which requires accurate alignment to work properly. Continuous hinges are ideal for retrofitting purposes as they are easy to fit and do not require any modification for an existing door and frame. Stainless steel hinges are impervious to water and are ideal for use in wet applications or marine environments where moisture and saltwater can damage and cause failure to other metals. Stainless hinges also come in high gloss or satin or brushed finishes to match any décor. 


Stainless steel continuous hinges are lightweight and have high tensile ratings, which means that they can be made as small as needed without sacrificing strength. This allows them to withstand a heavier load in contrast with a comparable size hinge made from standard metals, which can often lose their strength as their size and thickness is proportionately reduced. 


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