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There are many weblogs which report tasty entertainment news, strange and weird news celebrity news and gossip, funny and other related stories news for the purpose of relaxation and enjoyment. These weblogs also represent a forum where you can share music; one can discuss anything, watch movies, and crack jokes. The aim of these weblogs is to reach the top position in the world of entertainment one day by serving the world with news basically strange and weird news to entertain the readers in a sweet manner. These news blogs also work in coördination with other entertaining websites who share same interests, especially in the area of strange and weird news.

There are some strange and weird news that might interest you are as follows:

We are getting evidence day by day that life might started in Mars and then it came to a rock on Earth, so we may be a Martians by origin. According to scientists, life might start on Mars at first which is millions of miles away from Earth. A crucial element which is referred as origin of life by scientists would only be available on the surface of the Mars, the Red Planet. It is suspected that “seeds" of life came on Earth due to meteorites blasted off Mars either by volcanic eruptions or by impacts.

We are lucky that life has flourished in earth as Earth is the better option between the two planets to sustain life. NASA's sent a highly advanced space ship named “Curiosity rover” in thorough search of life and other aspects related to life on Mars. If it becomes successful to find out hypothetical Martian ancestors on Mars, nothing will left to tell story. Isn’t it enough strange and weird news to us!

According to scientists it is the molybdenum which acted as a catalyst to develop living things for the first time from organic molecules. This form of molybdenum was unavailable on Earth when life began for the first time. Because there was very little oxygen on the surface of the Earth three billion years ago, but Mars did. There is another area of evidence which shows it is more likely that life came to Earth for the first time on a Martian meteorite, instead starting on this planet.

Scientist recently analyze Martian meteorite which showed the existence of boron on Mars. It also provides us the evidence that the oxidized form of molybdenum was present there too. Another reason that pushed the required condition for the life to start to threat was the water. On that time Earth was covered by water which was a struggling condition for life to start. We now believe that we are Martians by origin, it’s really strange and weird news to us.

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