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How to Manage Time in Distance Education

Students of distance education are mainly “self-starters”. The flexibility attracts them to take up distance learning courses along with their part time or full time jobs. Now the question raises, how to manage time and make the most of it. Effective time management can help you accomplish your set goals and targets. It is not possible for everyone to stay organized all through the distance-learning course. Overwork or procrastination can be very stressful and you might not have any free time left for yourself.

You must analyze available time at your disposal and then plan. You can keep a time log or write down somewhere detailing your tasks for the entire day. Records in a time log include the following:

•    Studies and assignments that you plan to take up

•    Time designated for each of the activities

•    Actual time for completion of your tasks

People plan to study three hours every day, but in reality spend just an hour with books. To assess how to manage time and how you can find free time, you need to make a list of all other activities that you want to get done tomorrow. The list can include details about shopping, meals, family, travel time, work etc. Thereafter set the time log. When you do this for some time, you can get an estimate of time to devote for study. It is not possible for anyone of us to control time. There will be interruptions, particularly during the weekends and your time for study gets blocked this way.

The question of how to manage time entirely depends on your planning and organizational skills. Try to stick to the timetable you have prepared and do not abandon it while getting busy working on other tasks.
There are plenty of advantages of maintaining a regular schedule for studies and they are as follows:

•    Tips on how to manage time keeps you motivated all through the process and you can easily overcome inertia that you might feel at times.
•    Following study schedule means you are not wasting time or other commitments.

•    You can keep a track of your progress and look at the tasks you have achieved, assignments you have completed and how good or bad your progress is.

For most of the students, assignments and projects seem to be endless and so they lose interest before the tasks reach the final stage. Procrastination and lack of motivation makes it difficult for students to finish their assignments and designated tasks. It is thus very important that you take each stage seriously, break it down in small portions and finish one stage before proceeding to the next level. To assess how to manage time, you will have to get disciplined and remain patient.

When you apply principles on how to manage time, you get plenty of time for rest and leisure as well. It is important to spend quality time with friends, pets and family members, so that you can begin with full vigor and vitality. Continuous study for long will not yield much fruitful results.