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Is Your 3D Printer Suffering a Clogged Nozzle?

Even when you possess the best 3D Printer, sometimes you find the prints to be too gristly, sparse and the ones which have missing layers. Is it the fault of your impeccable A8 3D Printer?


When you offer it a closer look, it is then that the real troubles become clearly visible. Even the superlative 3D printers could experience such troubles and these are generally caused due to the clogged nozzle of your 3D Printer.


If this is so, do not worry. The clogged nozzle of your industrial or desktop 3D printer could be easily resolved when you know the real cause of your troubles.


What Causes The Nozzle To Get Blocked?

Your 3D Printer could experience blocked nozzle due to the following factors:

  • Stripping of filament into extruder gear, where the leftover filament solidifies to form a plug
  • Dirty filament containing dust etc. could form a plug
  • If you are not cleaning the nozzle when changing the print materials

Checking If The 3D Printer Nozzle Is Really Blocked:

Unfasten the gear lever of the extruder and push the filament with the help of your hand. If the outcome you obtain is curled, extremely hard to push, or does not come out at all, the nozzle of your 3D printer is clogged.

The filament would never require too much force and therefore never attempt to press it too hard.

How To Unclog The Nozzle:




 When you are absolutely sure that your 3D printer suffers a clogged nozzle, you need to unclog it. And this could be easily done with just a few equipments. Some of the methods you could use to clean the nozzle are as follows:


Method 1: Brushing With A Brass Wire

Take a brush that contains brass wire and slowly clean the debris from the nozzle. This is the easiest method to clean any kind of desktop or industrial 3D printer’s nozzle. However, never attempt to use steel wire brush as it could pose great damages to the nozzle. Use brass wire brushes always.


Method 2: Using An Acupuncture Needle

In this, you need to ensure the last print material you used. Following this,

  • Preheat the printer to the optimum print temperature (the one which you used to print the last material)
  • Carefully and gently insert acupuncture needles up inside the nozzle
  • In this method, you are just trying to break the particles and not remove them. The next time you use the printer, it would extrude the clogged material and you would be free of the blockage

Apart from all these, there are other technical methods such as ‘Cold Pull’ and ‘Nozzle Removal Cleaning’ etc.


And if you are a beginner, you could always get a technician’s assistance to get the nozzle of your 3D printer unclogged. Better do it soon, before your 3D printer suffers a serious setback.