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Needs of Beer Keg Dolly for Bar & Restaurants

The Beer Keg Dolly Made of high density polyethylene; greatly reduces the risk of injuries, transport kegs easily and safely. Cut down on strained backs, injured fingers and shaken kegs. Organizing storage space in commercial bars it looks Great.


Why did we choose this?


  1. So much easier on staff (health & safety concerns moving kegs around)
  2. Easy to clean behind kegs
  3. To make moving kegs easier
  4. The wheels are made out of hard rubber similar to what you would find on kitchen equipment but smaller diameter.
  5. The wheel is a typical hard plastic with the metal center base and metal swivel parts. It is similar to a speed rack or dish rack holder wheel.


The Beer Keg Dolly is praised as the world’s best the original designer and manufacturer of these beer keg dollies, keg stackers and keg spacers, along with our beer and soda case dollies. There is no better way to move a beer keg. 

Our shelving supply products and keg walk-in cooler are your beer keg storage solutions. Our bar and restaurant supplies focus on the organization of your walk-in cooler by making your product easy to move, organize and stack.


Beer Keg Dolly developed the products with high density polyethylene also with high quality and durability. For handling the heaviest bar needs Beer Keg Dolly products is affordable.

Eliminate the need for expensive shelving; our design team has developed products that help you stock much easier to maneuver around your storage areas and walk-in cooler.


Come and visit our website [] which discusses more about Beer Keg Dolly for Bar & Restaurant at Innovative Custom Designs, PO Box 3440      Oakhurst Ca. 93644, 1.888-707-6006, 559.285-9835.