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Tips on Shopping Earrings to Wear at Work

Many people are aware of the fact that you should dress according to the desired job, which is not necessarily the current job. Other factors to consider when choosing silver earrings UK shops or from jewellery shops online include the office culture, and your personal dressing styles.
Below are some tips when buying silver or any other type of earrings from jewellery shops online or locally:
1. Select based on face shape: This is an important thing to consider when selecting any accessories above the neckline. Not only can earrings accentuate features you like, but can also take attention away from those that you don't.  
Round face shapes are better with long thin shapes and studs. For a round face, go for shapes with soft curves and a slight drop. Larger earrings still work well for round faces. If your face is oval, it is a versatile face shape and virtually any earrings suit for this type of face.
Heart shaped face shapes go well with round hoops that create a rounder effect on this type of face. You can also consider teardrop earrings to balance your type of face shape.
If you have a square face and are going to buy silver earrings UK shops or from jewellery shops online, avoid square earrings at all cost. Instead, go for hoop earrings and short drop earrings and silver rings UK.
Triangular shaped faces will go well with angular earrings and angular silver rings UK in order to emphasize the angular shape. Round earrings also create a soft feminine appearance.
2.Avoid long earrings: Dangling earrings are quite distracting to both the wearer and co-workers. If you are handling some machines at workplace, it could be dangerous. These types of earrings can also be loud, making jangling noises wherever you go.  

You might consider wearing flat earrings, gold earrings and adding some color too to suit your skin tones. Earrings should also match some other accessories too.