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How to Choose the Right Detox for You

Many people have tried a detox program in recent years. The thought of flushing harmful poisons from your body, shedding massive amounts of excess fat, clearing up your skin, and supercharging your immune system has spread like wildfire through our “image is everything” society. If you’ve considered trying a detox or cleanse, or beginning another one, take a moment to do some research and find which one is the best fit for you.

How Did Detox Start?

The idea of detoxifying the body of harmful substances and restoring the system back to a pure state has been around for hundreds of years.

In fact, this ancient process can be traced all the way back to Roman, Greek, Native American, and Indian cultures where people used sweat lodges, fasting, rebounding, dry brush, herbs, rest, water, meditation, and exercise to purify and cleanse the body.

What are the Drawbacks of Detox?

We live in a world where people want instant gratification. Our fast-paced society has developed ways to speed up this primitive detoxifying process so that participants can see and experience immediate results.

Unfortunately, many modern detox programs - if not done correctly - can harm the body more than help. Nutrition experts across the nation are speaking out about the risks involved with detox; vitamin and mineral deficiencies, muscle deterioration, blood-sugar issues, and bowel obstruction. These are all side effects commonly reported by participants after completing a detox.

What Are The Benefits Of Detox?

When done correctly, the right detox can help your body energy boost, stronger immune system, improved sense of well being and set you up with a natural and healthier life. One misconception people have when going into a detox is to use it for weight loss. Although they can assist in a weight loss, they should never be used to lose weight. Instead, use the detox in order to remove unwanted toxins and other chemicals in your body and gives you a healthy lifestyle.

This is the time to eliminate sugar, high fat foods, and other unhealthy foods from entering your body. Detoxes should never last for longer than 10 days and, if this is your first detox, no longer than 2 days.

How to Choose the Right Detox for You?

The key to doing a detox is to choose the best program for you. There is a lot of information out there, many detoxes claiming to be the “be all and do all,” but what you want is one that assists you in your health goals. We are all unique and so are our bodies. Not every detox is right for everyone. While doing your research, talk with your nutritionist, doctor, and other health professionals to decide which one would benefit you.

To help you navigate the various detoxes out there, here are 5 options to keep in mind:

1. The Oxygen Colon Cleanse

Combined with a bowel detox formula and a probiotic supplement, this all-natural seven-day detox uses distilled water, organic or raw apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera juice, to purify your digestive track.

2. The Candida Cleanse

Candida, aka yeast, can lead to fatigue, headaches, and poor memory. When doing a candida cleanse diet, omit foods high in sugar, white flour, yeast, and cheese - anything the causes the candida to grow in your body. Instead, eat more fresh foods over processed, whole grains, and high fiber.

3. Liquid Cleanse

Ideal for maintaining energy levels, a liquid cleanse includes fresh, organic fruits and veggie juices, pureed and miso soups, and smoothies. Experts also advise individuals doing a liquid cleanse to add oils like flax, hemp, coconut, sesame, and pumpkin seed to fresh water, as these oils help nourish the body’s system.

4. Master Cleanse

Most people don’t realize the amount of toxic metals they have in their systems. Mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and lead are natural to the body, but food, drinks, supplements and vitamins can often increase these levels. One of the most popular methods for detoxing the body of toxic metals is to complete a master cleanse twice a year.

For 10 days, only drink lemon water mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper (use the cayenne pepper drops (much easier) - you can find the drops at most health stores). You can also drink an herbal detox tea, but try to stick to consuming just these beverages.

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