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Fungicide spray programs are reliable or not?

Incorporating disease-resistant cultivars into the lawns of your client’s accounts is one of the management strategies that just makes sense.


A businessman might counter this by saying, “Wait a minute, by incorporating disease resistance into the clients’ lawns, we’re preventing ourselves from making big cash on fungicide spray programs.” Because a lawn care company (each and every one) is judged by the health and appearance of the turfgrass under its care, that’s obviously not the case. A company risks losing a client and the ongoing revenue that client represents if it doesn’t consistently deliver the results – and at a price acceptable to the client.


Beyond that, fungicide spray programs are not always 100 percent effective, few clients want to pay for Lawn care treatment service, and applicators risk making unnecessary or inappropriate applications, especially if they’re not familiar with properly diagnosing turfgrass diseases.