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Factors to Consider When Hiring an SEO Agency in Toronto

Search Engine Optimization has always been a major component of any digital marketing campaign. In the Canadian market, especially in major cities like Toronto, there is a lot of cut-throat competition which may be a lot for small businesses to handle. Without proper techniques and guidance, many small companies can fold as a result of not being able to keep up with their competitors. Large-scale businesses and industry leaders can easily outsell their smaller counterparts through vigorous campaigning using various media channels. Search Engine Optimization addresses these issues and levels the competition between businesses of varying sizes. Through a successful SEO campaign, even the smallest of companies can get a top search ranking and a formidable online presence. However, as is the case with a lot of other industries, there are several SEO agencies to choose from, each claiming to be better than the other. As a business owner, it is therefore crucial to evaluate the quality of the available SEO agencies before enlisting the services of one. The following factors should be considered when looking for an SEO agency in Toronto. (Information credit: GILL Solutions)

  1. Have a look at their website: For smaller companies, the website is a crucial game changer. Owners always want to keep their website fresh and appealing to retain customer engagement. Enlisting the services of an SEO agency will help organize your own website, eliminating any issues and properly taking the steps to get noticed. One way of evaluating the quality of their services is to check out the website of the agency in question. The execution of their own website will give you a fair idea about the quality and type of work they do.
  2. Their own Search Engine Ranking: Search Engine Optimization is heavily linked with a particular geographical area. For example, for Toronto, you should search for the term “Toronto SEO” to get a list of agencies operating in that area. If the search ranking of the selected agency appears in the first page or even in the top five search rankings, it means they are doing a good job with their own SEO campaign and would likely do the same for you. Many agencies guarantee #1 search ranking in Google. Agencies like this should be approached with skepticism, as no agency can guarantee a #1 search ranking, using legitimate methods.
  3. Check the agency’s reviews and reputation: Before choosing an SEO agency, enough time must be allotted to researching the background, reputation and reviews of the concerned agency.  The internet can be a perfect tool to study the reviews from other clients. However, there are some paid reviews which you must avoid. The best way to judge an agency’s success, is to get a good idea of the agency’s reputation. If mostly positive reviews come from different clients, who can vouch for their success, it means that the agency is carrying out their services in a satisfactory manner and the customer experience with them is generally good.
  4. Ensuring that their procedures are ethical: SEO agencies know their way around search rankings and employ various “white hat” techniques which are ethical and legal in the eyes of Google. However, some SEO agencies employ various unethical procedures that help them gain an unfair advantage over their competitors. These techniques are called “black hat” techniques, which are against the guidelines presented by the Google Webmaster. Some of the unethical practices include cloaking, keyword stuffing, and keyword stacking and hidden links among others. If caught, any unethical techniques can get a website banned or blacklisted and can seriously affect any campaigns that they are running. If a business, unknowingly has enlisted the services of an unethical agency, its search rankings will take a blow, decreasing dramatically, resulting in further losses, as well as get a negative reputation. Thus for a business owner, it should be of paramount importance that the SEO agency is legitimate and carries out its duties responsibly, adhering to all the guidelines.

The advantages of employing a good SEO agency are endless, and can contribute substantially to a company’s growth. However, the effects of a bad or unethical SEO campaign can be disastrous for a company’s reputation, not to mention its core business. So business owners have to be extra careful while choosing an SEO agency.