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Why Doctor Prefer Frontal Baldness to be Cured First by Hair Transplant

Receding hairline is also known as frontal balding or widow’s peak. This is one of the most common patterns of hair loss found in men. Usually, it is observed that this pattern of hair loss affects men, but in some cases, women may also get affected. If you are also suffering from the frontal baldness then you need to get it treated right now as the professional doctors recommend frontal baldness must be cured first by undergoing Best Hair transplant in Ahmedabad

Why Doctors Believe Frontal Baldness Must be Cured Initially?

Hair transplantation is the only solution to treat frontal baldness as its final result will not disappoint you. If you choose medical interception then it will only work from where the existing hairline is present, as it will not bring the hair line down. Thus in the battle of frontal hair restoration, medical interception is a failure. Next option that you may think to undergo for the treatment of frontal baldness is PRP. However, since it is not permanent or a complete cure for hair loss, thus it is not preferred by doctors. The full duration of the effect of PRP is not known, so veteran doctors do not consider it as a permanent treatment. So, to bring your existing frontal hair line down, hair transplant is the only right choice.

How is Frontal Balding Treated with Surgical Options?

Even though there are number of medications present in today’s world but still hair transplantation is the best option as it is permanent solution specifically for frontal hair loss. To undergo hair transplantation, the first thing you need to do is to choose the best hair doctor based on his experience and qualification. Hair transplantation has successfully treated frontal hair loss in hundreds of men.

Initially, the doctor will examine your hair and scalp to prescribe the treatment options most suited to you. The doctor will then recommend the suitable treatment depending up on your medical profile and your stage and pattern of hair loss. He will ensure to inform you about the type of hair transplantation’s technique that offers the highest chances of hair regrowth in your case.

In a Nutshell

There is no other best option to restore frontal hairs apart from hair transplantation. However, if you want to get the desired results and perfect hairline then you need to find best Hair Doctor in Ahmedabad .