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Know 10 Most Expensive Animals in the World | Check Names, Price In Indian Rupee

10 Most Expensive Animals in the World

Having an adorable pet is quite a pleasant experience which gives us an emotion of happiness and attachment. The best thing about pets is that they do not let us feel alone. They become the part of our joys, our sorrows, in our good times as well as in bad times. When we cry, they lick our tears and when we are happy, they dance with us. if you are one  of a true animal lover, then this is for you. Here you may know 10 Most Expensive Animals in the World and also Check Names, Price In Indian Rupee with this webpage.

Mostly people choose pets like dogs, cats and birds of different species and breed, but some have typical choices as they like snakes, cubs, Horse etc. These 10 Most Expensive Animals in the World are the most extravagant species. If you are going to buy them, you might find your pocket to be empty. You might be wondering what makes these species costing in millions of dollars. Let’s check it out!!


10 Most Expensive Animals in the World

By the immense efforts of our expert team members, we have furnished the Top Ten most expensive animals, considers as rare, exotic and precious species.

  • Green Monkey Horse – $16,000,000
  • Missy – $1,200,000 
  • Tibetan Mastiff – $582,000
  • Sir Lancelot Encore – $155,000
  • White Lion Cubs -$138,000 
  • Stag Beetle – $89,000 
  • Palm Cockatoo – $16,000
  • Hyacinth Macaw – $14,000
  • De Brazza’s Monkey – $10,000
  • Toucan – $10,000


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List of Top Ten Animals Noted For Their Cost

Different options also come with different prices.  The cost of these top 10 pets is not high because they treated more costly but because of their elevation in their demand. Every pet has its own story, so let's know about the same by going through this web page. Visitors may also access the link furnished on this page to know more about the Top 10 expensive animals.


Green Monkey Horse – $16,000,000

Can you believe it… this monkey is actually not a monkey but it’s a horse which is extremely rare and expensive because of its unbeatable speed and beauty. When this horse is just two-year-old, it was purchased by Demi O’Byrne at the Calder Race Course in 2006 who paid at auction for a Thoroughbred. This makes Green Monkey, a Most Expensive Animal in the World.


Missy – $1,200,000 

As the price suggest, Missy is not ordinary cow, its speed makes it win several championships. In 2009, this white Holstein Cow won the Western Fall National Show North America’s Grand Champion title. After that, lot of people had rushed to buy her. In fact, her owner paid $1,200,000 to take her home.


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