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How a Https Version of a Website Helps Ranking Improvements in Hotel SEO

HTTPS is used by e-commerce sites in order to provide its users safe and secure transactions. This secure web protocol is actively supported by Google, and website owners that have converted to HTTPS are being rewarded with an SEO boost. Building a HTTPS version of your hotel website can do wonders for your hotel SEO. Conversion to HTTPS, however, must be done with careful research. Be sure to consult with a specialist hotel digital marketing agency to reap the following benefits:


1.    Higher rankings

Having an HTTPS version of your website will most probably allow your website to rank higher than other similar sites in the search engine results page. If your hotel’s HTTPS website and another hotel’s HTTP website scored the same in terms of content relevance and technical specifications, Google will rank your website higher because it’s using an HTTPS version.


 2. Give customers a sense of security


HTTP versions of websites alert your visitors with in-form security warnings. They might see a “Not Secure” warning once you ask them to login or give their credit card information. This is never good for your hotel’s image; it makes your brand look amateur and unreliable.


3. Increase mobile rankings


The new Google mobile index encourages website to shift to HTTPS, and it can have a stronger impact on your rankings compared to desktop searches. As per Google’s requirement, websites need to be equipped with SSL. This could dramatically improve your hotel SEO and increase organic mobile rankings.


4. Let users browse faster


HTTP/2, which many browsers support, allows for an enhanced browsing experience over the standard HTTP. With an HTTPS version of your website enabled, users can browse your site faster. Date encryption will be quicker as well.


So, should you switch to HTTPS? That will depend on what your goals for your hotel are, as well as whether it is aligned with you marketing strategy. If you do decide to switch to HTTPS, make sure to consult with a digital marketing agency that is insightful, experienced, and tactical. The right digital hotel marketing agency will be able to provide your website with a smooth conversion to HTTPS, boost your hotel SEO, and allow you to increase web traffic.


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