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3 Intelligent Ways to Encourage Guests to Leave Online Reviews for Your Hotel

The number and quality of online reviews received for your hotel can affect its ranking in the results page of search engines, ranking in review websites, ranking in online travel agencies, and ultimately, its overall reputation. So, it is important to encourage guests to leave positive online reviews.


Before you even ask for reviews, however, you should first make sure that you set appropriate expectations. It’s usually better to promise less and deliver more. Marketing and advertising materials are meant to entice potential guests to stay with your hotel, of course. However, it’s crucial that the expectations you set on your promotional materials are those that you can actually deliver.


Here’s a fact: The majority of favorable guest reviews are made by guests who are somewhat pleasantly surprised about the level of service that they have received. It’s essential that you are sure that you can give your guests a remarkable experience before you ask them for an online review. You need to impress them and give them an experience worth talking about. You have to make them feel inspired and excited to share what they have experienced.


Here are other intelligent ways to encourage online reviews from your guests:


1. Explain the importance of the reviews for you.


Sometimes, guests are just not that familiar with how important reviews are for you—and what’s in it for them. Explain that their reviews will help you improve their experience the next time they visit. Also talk to them about the steps involved in leaving an online review.


 2. Make it convenient.


Remove anything that may hinder guests from leaving online reviews. It’s best to offer free Wi-Fi since guests definitely need internet connection to give online feedback. You should also consider putting a “review our hotel” link on your hotel’s website. A hotel website marketing agency should be able to help you with this. Look for a hotel website marketing agency that uses a logical and analytical approach to getting online reviews.


 3.  Ask during check-out


As your guests check out, ask them if they’ve had a positive stay at your hotel. If they did, encourage them to write an online review on their chosen review site. This is probably the best time to ask them since their positive emotions are still fresh.


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