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Learn All About Atlanta Interactive Marketing Learn All About Atlanta Interactive Marketing April 14 curry 2 low españa , 2016 | Author: Benjamin W. Luffkin | Posted in Article Marketing

You might be wondering what the term interactive marketing means. Put simply, it means there is some sort of interaction or conversation between the marketer and the consumer. For the cutting edge of conversational advertising the city of Atlanta has been dubbed the marketing capital of the world. Atlanta is home to the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, AIMA.


An organization of marketing professionals and advertising companies, the AIMA is a membership association run by volunteers. It is a place where members of this profession can come together, network and share new ideas. Professionals work as a team to keep their skills effective and relevant.


The AIMA has something they call SIGs, special interest groups. They have meetings throughout the year to brainstorm about the opportunities to market in eight different areas: email, social media, mobile, marketing automation, digital divas, analytics curry 1 low españa , digital media and ecommerce. AIMA also has a blog, an awards ceremony and educational seminars.


A marketing company is an agent of the company that is producing the goods or services. They are really two sides of the same coin. The advertisement seeks to get the attention of consumers, get some sort of feedback from them, and modify the next contact so that it is personalized to the feedback of the individual consumers.


This conversational way of advertising is facilitated primarily by the Internet and secondarily by social media. Before the Internet age, the only way companies could get feedback from their customers and potential customers was with surveys, a very expensive and often non productive process. Interactive