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Who discovered first diamond?

Diamonds are being used for many years now. The popularity of the diamonds has always been higher amongst the people. The diamond gemstone jewelry in India has seen a huge fan following and has received a lot of love from the people. Diamond jewelry is being used by many people at different occasions like parties, marriages, anniversaries, etc. They are either purchased for wearing purpose or are purchased for gifting someone on their special occasion.

Though people are only excited for wearing the diamond jewelry, not many of them give any attention to the history of the diamonds. Not many of the people are aware of the first diamond and its properties. Only limited number of people is aware of the facts of the first diamond that was found in India. Not many of them are aware that India is one of the leading producers of the diamond jewelry. Just to make people aware of the history of the diamond jewelry, let us go back and find details about the discovery of the first diamond.


The History of the First diamond:

The first diamond was found in South Africa in the year 1867. The first diamond discovered was of 21.25 carats in weight and was found near the Hopetown. The name of the first discovered diamond was Eureka Diamond. According to Wikipedia, the person who discovered this diamond was Erasmus Stephanus Jacobs. The boy was only 15 years old when he discovered the diamond. The diamond discovered was then cut into a diamond piece of 10.73 carats which is currently displayed in the Mine Museum in Kimberley. The diamond is open for the common people for display.


The diamond is of brownish yellow in color and is in cushion-shaped. The diamond still holds the same spark as it had at the beginning. The diamond is kept under strict security for protecting it against all the major damages. The diamond is taken full care of to maintain its charm and sparkling effect. This diamond is now owned by the people of South Africa.


Earlier, there were many people who failed to recognize the diamond piece and called it as a glass replica. But, it was after some time that the diamond was actually realized its worth. The diamond is assumed to have high value at that time and even this time as well. The real diamond was even sent to Queen Victoria for inspection.


The diamond was even displayed in various museums after its discovery for the people to view it. The people have always been amazed by the sparkling effect that this diamond still possesses and the charm that it still has. Eureka was purchased by many kings during many years and was kept at several places. It was after 100 years of the diamond discovery that the diamond was purchased by De Beers. He then donated the diamond to the people of South Africa where it is preserved till now after getting the diamond back.