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Hand blenders: A valuable addition to your kitchen

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, trying new recipes to delight your family and guests, the right hand blenders can be your choice of weapon to accomplish more tasks in lesser time. Whether you’re a professional chef with top-of-the line equipment, or a home cook just learning the ropes, hand blenders mixers will simplify your life and allow you to experiment more with your cooking.

To begin with, you should know that hand blenders come in two varieties. One is the traditional hand mixers that have two blades, and the other is immersion hand blenders also known as wand blenders. Immersion hand blenders are great for working with soft food items and also perfect should you need to blend and cook at the same time. Their biggest advantage is that you don’t have to remove your mixture from the stove while you use hand food blenders, and you can use it in practically any type of container. However, these blenders do not possess the kind of power and speed required for some heartier tasks; for example mashing potatoes or crushing ice or even making dough. Those are tasks that are best handled with food processors.

Because you will be using your hand blenders mixers everyday for a variety of tasks like cutting, chopping, grinding, blending, pasting, pureeing and more, keep in mind that the machine should be light in weight, easy to work with and manoeuvre and easy to clean and store. Most designs come with 3 to 4 different attachments for chopping, grinding, juicing and blending and also include several jars to handle these tasks specifically. These could also be used for tasks like whisking, mashing and liquidifying soft paste and that is why you should look for a model where you’ll be able to sustain its weight in your hands for extended periods of time.

An important thing to keep in mind when shopping for hand blender mixers is Wattage. However, the key factor which determines how well hand blenders will perform is the number of revolutions per minute or RPMs, as this is the true measure of the machine’s performance. While a high wattage unit with low RPM will have more power to perform tougher tasks, it will not have the motor power required to process foods in speed. However, a motor with a high wattage but a low RPM rating won’t process food as effectively or uniformly; which is why you need to find electric hand blenders that have the right mix of both.

When looking to buy hand blenders, look for models that feature at least three speeds, which are essential if you plan to use your hand mixer for a variety of tasks. This allows for customization based on your use where in you can use the slow speed for softer foods to avoid spattering, medium speeds for speedy processing in a larger container, and fast speed for cake or pie or soufflés mixes where a lot of air needs to be incorporated in to the mixture to make it light, creamy and fluffy.