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Add functionality to your kitchen with best food processors

Adding food processors in your kitchen can greatly increase your functionality. Just this one appliance will be able to replace a number of other kitchen gadgets with its versatility and functions. Make sure that when you buy food processors, you look for the right attachments and blades. The best food processors will be able to chop up food like a knife can, knead dough to perfection, blend together many ingredients, puree soups and pastes, grind dry powders and pastes and also be able to extract juice from all kinds of fruits. Many home cooks can be overwhelmed by the number of options presented by simple food processors, making these a great investment to save both time and energy spent in the kitchen.

When looking to buy food processors, 3 factors should be given primary importance. These are:

  1. Power
  2. Portability
  3. Functionality

Most people will shortlist the size of the food processors available based on usability; that’s really a no-brainer. Buying an appliance that is too bulky for everyday use might offer more features, but take too long to set up and clean and hence will not be used as much as it should. However, compact electric food processors are much handier for everyday cooking and the trick is to buy one that matches your particular cooking needs. Most women prefer to use a medium-size food processor, with an approximately 8 to 10 cup capacity for family recipes. Smaller mini-processors could prove handy for quick chopping of a few ingredients or one can also invest in a hand food blender. In all earnest, having two different machines may not be a bad idea. A small processor is more portable and usable and perfect for everyday cooking, while the larger one can be reserved for when entertaining a larger crowd on special occasions.

Now power is another factor that must be kept in mind, especially if you are shopping for cheap food processors and discount food processors. It helps to know that larger gadgets will naturally require more power, especially when kneading dough or to mince meats and chop harder vegetables. If such is your need, look for food processors that have 400 watts of power minimum. Another consideration which sets apart best food processors from others is the available accessories. The right appliance should contain various blades, cutting disks and whisks; with varying sizes and capabilities to handle everything from chopping 1 onion to 12 onions with the same uniformity.

Make sure that all cutting blades are of good construction and will fit securely in to the machine. Those that don’t, result in a lot of damage and breakage. Also ensure that you choose food processors online with a large feeding food, so that adding food while in operation is easy and smooth. Small feeding tubes will result in you spending significant time cutting food down to smaller size before processing; a sheer wastage of time. Since you want to buy food processors in order to replace a number of other kitchen appliances, storage and portability should also be given due importance. Some models come with retractable cords and a stacking system for blades and accessories; and these work best for homes where the processor is stored in a cabinet.