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Where are Diamonds found in India?

India was the first producer of diamonds. There are many proofs that stand in favor of the fact that India was the first producer of diamonds. The natural conditions and the abundant availability of the natural resources are the main reasons that make India favorable for the production of diamonds. Over the time, there have been many leading dealers of diamonds that are producing and dealing the best diamond jewellery in India.

There have been many countries who have now taken over the diamond production process but India still holds a significant position in the diamond industry. Till date, India is counted as one of the leading producer and dealer of diamonds and diamond jewelry. Considering the vast area that India covers, there are many places where diamonds can be found in India. Some of the places that still are counting high in the diamond mining process are as follow according to Wikipedia:


  1. Madhya Pradesh: The city of Madhya Pradesh is one of the places that are very popularly known for producing diamonds in India. There are many popular diamonds mines which are found in the state. The state contributes a large portion of the diamond production in the diamond industry.Madhya Pradesh is also known for many diamond projects that it has undertaken. Bunder Project is one of the mines that is very popular in the state and the world that has been a remarkable milestone in the diamond industry. Not only this, there is another mine that made the state one of the leading producer of diamonds in India. Panna mine is the second diamond mine in the state of Madhya Pradesh that has continuously served as the major diamond mine in India.
  2. Andhra Pradesh: The second state that is known to produce the diamonds in India is Andhra Pradesh. The state has been producing a significant amount of diamonds in India which has kept the country amongst the leading countries of diamond generation. Andhra Pradesh has always been popular for making India the leading producer of diamonds. The state has been popular for Kollur mine that has been donating a huge amount of diamond share in the diamond industry and has helped in making India as one of the evergreen producers of diamond in the world.

These are the two very common places from where India gets most of its diamond requirements and fulfills its ability to be the most historic and epic producer of diamond in the world. No matter if there are many countries that have stepped in the business and has been producing a huge amount of diamonds but India will remain the ancient and oldest producers of diamonds that is still running in the competition.

India is still known for producing high-quality diamonds that are loved by many around the world along with many ways for extracting the diamonds for making the diamonds list in the finest and the most desirable ones amongst the world.