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Why are Diamonds a Symbol of Eternal Love?

Diamonds have always been considered as an eternal symbol of love. The world has always witnessed the demand and charm of diamonds ever since the past years. Earlier, the diamonds were considered just for making jewelry or ornaments and for other industrial use. But, now with the changed time, diamonds are being used especially as a symbol to showcase love, commitment, and strong bond. Seeing the growing demand, the diamond industry is coming and trying many new ideas. Introducing diamond couple bands in India is one of the tried ideas that has proved worthy for the diamond industry.

  1. There are many people, who believe diamond as a symbol of love but not many of us are aware of the reasons behind this belief. Though people have different perception about their belief but according to top wedding sites, these are some of the main reasons that stand as evidence for considering diamonds as a symbol of eternal love. Let us explore the following reasons:
  2. Diamonds are forever: There is an old saying which stands true even today that diamonds are forever. The same concept is used to link the concept of love. Since people want to keep their love forever, therefore, they go for choosing a stone that stands forever. As a result, of the same diamonds are chosen and are seen as a symbol of true love and forever bond.
  3. They are rare: People believe that sealing their love with something that is rare will add charm to their relation and love. Therefore, they prefer associating with diamonds as the diamonds are believed to be rare even today. Diamonds being considered rare makes a perfect choice for being the symbol of love.
  4. Diamonds are lucky: Diamonds are believed to bring luck in people's life. Since diamond is a powerful stone and is found with hard work, therefore it is considered as lucky for them. People who invest their time in finding diamonds consider that finding a rare diamond piece will result in bringing good luck for them. Believing in the same fact, people like to seal their love with this stone that can bring them all the luck.
  5. Shows your worth: Diamonds are really expensive and thus, it takes a nice amount of money to buy them. Anyone who can buy and afford the diamond for his loved one is seen worthy and capable enough to keep his partner in all the good ways. Diamonds also shows that the person truly loves his partner as he is ready to invest such an expensive gift.
  6. Diamonds are superior over other stones: Just the way we like to select the best for ourselves in all the departments of life, in the same order, we are supposed to choose a stone that is superior and best of all. What can be better than the diamonds for such things? Diamonds being the most valuable stone makes the best symbol of love.