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What are Solitaire Diamonds? How are they Different from Normal Diamonds?

Diamonds are one of the most desirable stones in the world. By presenting the right cut, clarity, design, and shape, the diamonds have successfully become the most popular stones above all the available stones. Seeing the demand and popularity of the diamond jewelry, the jewelry dealers have always tried to come up with different ways and ideas to keep the interest of the buyers. One of the idea and effort is that of using solitaire.

The recent trend has introduced the use of Solitaire in India. Though, people, even today are seen confused to analyze the difference between the normal diamond and solitaire. So, let us quickly have a look at what are solitaire diamonds and how are they different from the normal diamonds.

Solitaire diamonds:

Solitaire diamonds are the single diamond or gemstone that is fixed in the piece of the jewelry. Solitaire diamond rings are not specifically diamond rings in any specific or desired shape or size but are simply diamond rings with one diamond. Solitaire engagement rings also specify an engagement ring that has only one diamond in it, be it of any shape or size.

Solitaire rings are also called as rings with one diamond. The main reason for the popularity of these solitaire rings is that there is one diamond present in the ring and that is crafted in such a way that it depicts the same beauty and desired sparkling effect as a ring with many diamonds would do. Therefore, it requires a lot of efforts of the designers to craft the diamond ring to portray the desired qualities.

The difference between the normal diamonds and solitaire diamonds:

Many people often confuse the normal diamonds with the solitaire diamonds, thinking that the both are same. But, in reality, both the diamonds are different from one another. According to leaf, the two diamonds can be distinguished for one another in many ways. Out of the many ways, some of them can be formed together as follows.

  1. Formulation process: Since diamonds are naturally made from carbon under the process when the carbon atoms undergo a high pressure and temperature conditions for many years. Though, the synthetic diamonds can be formed by using and replicating the same conditions of high pressure and temperature under the artificial labs and surroundings. On the other hand, if we look at the Solitaire, these diamonds are made from a band that consists of a number of precious metals, like gold, platinum, lone diamond, etc.
  2. Number of diamonds: In the normal use of the diamonds, the jewelry piece can be made by using a number of diamonds whereas, in solitaire jewelry pieces, the jewelry is made using only one diamond. All the crafting and designing is done around that one particular diamond used.
  3. Price: The solitaire diamonds are much expensive than the normal diamonds. The reason being the use of only one diamond stone in the Solitaire jewelry.