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What are the Different Naturally Occurring Colors of Diamonds?

Diamonds are something that can make anyone's day. Diamonds are one of the most demanded stones amongst the people. No matter what the shape or size of the diamonds is, people are in love with this amazing stone ever since it is found. Usually, the white color diamonds are preferred and see a higher demand among the buyers.

Other than the color of the diamond, the manufacturers are also experimenting with the base metal of the diamonds. While gold and silver remain the traditional metals that are used but with changing time, the latest trend is to craft diamond with platinum in India. Platinum is gaining its popularity in the diamond jewelry market and the best part of this is that it suits well with all the natural colors of the diamond.


Natural occurring colors of the diamond:

According to the latest information on the site, naturallycolored, there are many people who are not aware of the fact that diamonds can occur in different color naturally. Just like the white and colorless diamond, there are many color diamonds that are found in the earth's surface. Some of the naturally occurring colors of diamonds are as follow:


1. Blue diamonds: After the popularity of the colorless diamonds, if there is any diamond that is equally in demand and is popular, then it has to be the blue diamonds. The blue diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds that are found and thus are really expensive in the market. The blue diamond is popular amongst the users because of it gives a cool effect and eye-smoothing feeling.

2. Pink diamonds: Just like the blue diamonds, even the pink diamonds enjoys the popularity in the diamond industry. The pink diamonds are generally preferred by the people who enjoy the feeling of love and commitment. Since the color pink symbolizes love, the blue color diamonds are the one that is chosen for the same.

3. Yellow diamonds: Yellow diamonds are often mistaken to be considered as a synthetic diamond but in reality, one can also find yellow color diamonds in nature as well. The yellow color diamonds are not that much popular as the blue and pink colored diamonds but these are often used in jewelry made on special orders and designs. These diamonds enjoy their popularity when made on special demands and requirements.

4. Green diamonds: Just like the yellow diamonds, the green colored diamonds are often used when demanded on special requests. Green color diamonds are quite in trends nowadays and are gaining popularity very fast. The green color diamonds symbolizes peace and the connection with the environment and the natural surroundings.

5. Gray diamonds: Gray diamonds are often mistaken to be equal and same as white or colorless diamonds but they are different in real. Though the gray color diamonds appear very much similar to the colorless diamonds, they hold a whole together different characteristics and value other than the colorless diamonds.