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Structured Analysis of Nose to Achieve Natural Results in Nose Reshaping

Nose Reshaping is a perfect blend of artistic and functional skills of a surgeon. Generally, this procedure is considered as one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. However, if you want to attain positive results, you have to make a proper plan after setting a certain realistic goal with realistic expectations. For a completely successful procedure, the surgeon has to analyze your nose deeply and the success of the treatment depends on the coordination of the patients with the surgeon.

Why is The Proper Planning Needed?

All the patients are not the same and they do not have similar expectations. Therefore, a set of pre-defined rules would not work for a successful treatment. The surgeon needs a well-structured plan if he wishes to provide permanent and natural results to the patients.

For making a proper plan, the following steps are followed:

Facial Analysis:

As the name shows, this step deals with the analysis of the face of the patient. The facial analysis is done with the help of frontal, lateral, basal views. The objective of the facial analysis is identifying external issues and predicting the internal structure of the nose.

Goal Setting and Discussion:

At this step, the surgeon analyzes all the goals and expectation and has a discussion with the patients to set the final goals. A list of possible improvements is created by the surgeon in order to meet the requirements of the patient. After creating a final list for improvements, the surgeon discusses with the surgeon about the results and risk of the surgery.  

Final Blueprint:

After a discussion, the final blueprint is made by the surgeon. This blueprint is the base of further steps. A final blueprint is a final outcome of the discussion between the surgeon and patient and it consist of the expectations of the patient and advice of the surgeon.

Operative Plan:

An operative plan is related to the technical aspects of the surgery. The main aim of the surgeon is providing satisfactory results to the patients.  The surgeon makes the final decision and chooses the open or closed type of surgery. Moreover, he may consider the aesthetic or functional goals as well. The combination of aesthetic goals and functional goals is also possible.

These steps are essential for a successful nose job and all the authentic clinics follow these steps. The role of a patient is not less important is this process. The patient has to tell about their goals and expectations clearly and if the surgeon gives any suggestion, he has to follow the advice since the surgeon knows better than the patients about possible outcomes of the surgery.