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Why do Diamonds Sparkle

Diamonds are known for their bright and sparkling property. Diamonds are used for many uses ranging from being used as jewelry pieces, for industrial and domestic purposes to being used as chandeliers. The process of using diamond chandeliers in India has now become very popular. The main reason why diamonds are being used for so many purposes is its sparkling identity.

The spark of the diamond and its bright and shiny appearance has always been the highlight in attracting many people towards it. But what may interest people to know is the main reason due to which the diamonds sparkle. Before we go any further in praising the diamonds more, let us quickly throw some light on the reason why do diamonds sparkle.

What makes the diamond sparkle?

There are not many who focuses on the fact that why diamonds sparkle or shine. However, the four most important factors that determine the value of the diamond are cut clarity, color, and carat. In the same way, there are many factors which contribute to making the diamond sparkle and shine. Whenever a light passes through the diamond there are three major processes that take place.

According to brilliance, the first process that takes place is of reflection which is the main reason behind the exterior shine of the diamond. Following the process of diamond, the next process that occurs is that of transmission. This process signifies the movement of light through the surface of the diamond.

At the end, what actually makes the diamond shine with all the brightness and sparkle is the angle of incident. The ray of light when enters the diamond, it goes to the bottom of the diamond and then because of the slanted shape of the diamond, it bounces back to the surface of the diamond and then it appears that it is coming out from the other side of the diamond. This enter process of rays of light entering the diamond, then hitting the bottom of the diamond and then coming out from the other side, makes the appearance that diamonds are really sparkling and shining.

Factors that affect the sparkling of the diamond:

1. Density: Light is known for its speed and the diamonds are known for its density. When light enters in the diamond, the speed of the light slows down to half of what it is in reality. The higher level of sparkling effect of the diamond is due to the fact that because of the natural density of the diamond the speed of the light is reduced and therefore, this slow emission of light causes the diamonds to sparkle.

2. Cuts of the diamonds: The cuts of the diamonds are another reason that makes them shine and sparkle. The light will be less distorted if there is less inclusion inside the diamond. Many special diamonds are prepared with different cut and angles so that the light can travel easily and emit an amazing sparkling effect with that.