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Spend Less Grow More, By Advance FUE Hair Transplant

Most of the people experience mild hair loss but sometimes it becomes extremely severe and the patients need the assistance of a well-qualified surgeon to get the treatment. Such people can go to the Avenues clinic that is offering reasonable Hair Transplant Price In Ahmedabad. Hair transplant is the only option that can bring your shiny hair back. Moreover, you need a certified surgeon to ensure the success of the treatment. Some of the patients are worried about the cost of the treatment as well. The Avenues clinic provides a cost-effective treatment with the help of a highly experienced and certified team of the doctors. It means you may have a perfect hair treatment package in the Avenues clinic.

Which type of the hair transplant is the best?

FUT or strip surgery and FUE are the two most used types of hair transplant surgery. FUT is used as a traditional approach to treat the patients and FUE is considered as an advanced procedure by the surgeons. Both of the procedures are effective and generally, surgeons check the candidacy of the patient before they decide the procedure for the patients.

As a most advanced procedure, FUE is a preferred choice for many of patients. FUE has some unique features that are not possible while you are treated with the help of FUT technique. FUE does not leave any linear scar marks on the donor area and the healing time of this area is quite fast. In FUE, body hairs can be used as donor hairs. FUE is considered as a costly procedure but this is not a real fact if the patient is dealing with a reputed and authentic clinic.

FUE procedure:

During the FUE hair transplant, a small instrument is used to make a small incision in the skin around a follicular unit to separate it from the surrounding tissue. The follicular unit is extracted directly from the scalp. This step leaves a small open hole. Repeating the same steps, the surgeon removes the required number of follicular units from the donor area. These follicular units are placed into the recipient sites.

The cost of the procedure

FUE is an effective procedure that needs a significant level of expertise and skills. Moreover, It is a time-consuming procedure since the hair follicular units are extracted one by one by the surgeon. Because of these factors, FUE is considered as a costly procedure. Actually, the cost of the treatment depends on different factors like clinic, surgeon, procedure, medicines etc. At the Avenues clinic, set a final cost for you after a proper diagnosis. It means you are going to be treated with a completely reasonable cost. Moreover, you are going to have the world-class treatment for a reasonable cost instead of choosing a cheap option that may ruin the surgery and your future. After a certain number of required grafts, the clinic reduces the cost. This decision of the clinic is beneficial for facing severe baldness.

In brief, if you are a suitable candidate for FUE procedure, you can go for the procedure with a reduced Hair Transplant Price In Ahmedabad.