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Indian Cricketers And Their Best Beard Styles

When it comes to reviewing the progression men maintaining their facial hair, their general consensus have always been pro – beards. There came a point where holding a beard was all about blindly flowing a trend. This left all the men looking something that resembles clones.

No doubt there was a loss in beard individuality. However, there were a few beards that digressed against the usual trends. A few celebrity crickets managed to highlight the different beard styles.

Given below are a few different beard styles for men you can consider:

The Van Dyke beard by Hardik Pandya: The style was named after the 17th century Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyke. While the quirky name is rather fitting, the style of the beard was even more. It involves a soul patch, chin goatee and moustache, which is all disconnected from each other. The best way to get this style is to start the strokes from the sideburns in a downward direction, while leaving the beard around the mouth and chin. Keep the moustache sharp on the sides and disconnect it from the chin beard. Separate the beard on the chin and beard on the lower lip. To get precision, use a multi blade razor.

The French beard by Rohit Sharma:
This is one of the most common beard styles for men, if not one of the most classic favourites. It comes with the ability to grow a beard, which is a style sign of sophistication. This is a perfect reflection of your personality. One benefit of this style, is that, you can experiment with different lengths with this product. However, you will need to ensure that the moustache and chin remain connected by creating an ideal shape. Start the strokes from the sideburns in a downward direction, leaving the beard around the mouth and chin area.

The clean shave by Zaheer Khan:
If any of the beard styles is the most simplest, it is the clean shave. You can easily have a beard game, without any beard at all. The clean shaven look is one such proof. Although it will be tough to let go the effort taken to grow out the beard, you can easily create a different look to start all over. You can easily chance your strokes with each shave. For an extra close shave, you can use the strokes in the upward direction, against the grain of your beard. Just ensure that it is not painful.

The soul patch by Ajinkya Rahane:
The short and tiny beard under the lower lip is the go to style for any passionate individual. However, it only looks great with the right face shape. It is also pretty simple to go about it. All you need to do is shave off all your beard, except for the little portion under your lower lip. Use different strokes in various directions so long as they don’t leave any cuts on your face. Do experiment with the length of the patch.