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Quality Hair from India for Human Hair Extensions

The Human hair extensions are being commonly used by many people to cover their bald heads or thin hair and enhance their looks. Celebrities use them quite often to create new hairstyles and volume to their hair. However, to get the natural look of the hair it is important that these human hair extensions are made using quality and natural human hair. India is known as one of the biggest exporter for human hair. Indian temple hair is very famous to create different types of hair extensions. Indians follow tradition of sacrificing their hair in the temples wishing God to fulfil their needs. In this respect both men and women donate hair in the temples which is natural and maintained in good condition. This donated hair is then segregated according to the quality like raw virgin remy, virgin remy, curly black hair, grey hair etc. Once the hair is wafting is done carefully then the selected hair is washed multiple times and dried naturally before being packed for export. The hair is also graded based on elasticity, strength, consistency and moisture retention that has more demand than low grade hair. The human hair at any cost is not mixed or chemically processed that is exported from Indian suppliers like Hairexim.

The human hair is available in different varieties from the Indian supplier and these are used to make human hair extensions, wigs, hand tied wefts, clip on hair extension, weave wefts, deep wave weave, curly weave styles, realistic lace closure and many more that are bought by customers to meet their hair extension needs. The importers can actually go through the process followed by the human hair exporter from India that gives an idea regarding the standards followed by them in sourcing and exporting it to other countries. They also offer a guarantee that they offer only 100% natural Indian hair that never contain any fills, synthetic blend or inferior quality hair mix. They offer guarantee on their products and are 24/7 available to answer any queries from the customers. The Hairexim supplier is certified by the government and source the hair from temples by participating in the government auctions and winning the bid. So the customers can be rest assured about the quality and processing the hair before it being exported globally to the clients address.

The price is very much competitive and in case you are not satisfied with the shipment there is every chance that you can just send it back to the supplier.

If you are searching for human hair suppliers in india, then you are at the right place. is one of the leading hair extension company in India is offering 100% human hair extensions in various styles like curly, wavy and straight, lengths (8-30) and color for our clients to choose from. For more details about Indian Remy Hair extensions, please visit us.