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Tips on How to Buy the Best Nail Tip Human Hair Extension

Not everyone is born with a thick, flowing head of hair, but that doesn’t mean the situation cannot be remedied. Beautifully crafted nail tip human hair extensions can enable anyone to transform their looks by adding volume and length that lasts on a semi-permanent basis. Selecting the right extensions, however, and ensuring they are properly applied is critical for the outcome.


To buy the best nail tip human hair extensions for professional application, it can be helpful for consumers to pay close attention to these points:


Materials – Before making a hair extension purchase make 100-percent sure human hair is used. Authentic human hair strands make the best extensions because human hair lasts longer and doesn’t require any special treatment beyond the natural head of hair. Synthetic strands severely limit options when in use. Wearers, for example, cannot use blow dryers, curling irons or even swim when they are on. Heat and chemicals may damage synthetic strands. That is simply not the case with human hair.


Method used – Human hair extensions may be bundled using different methods. Remy is considered the best because it keeps hair roots and ends flowing in the correct direction for a more natural look. In addition, Remy extensions are generally picked one at a time and are bundled in a manner to prevent tangling.


Type of bonding used – Nail tip human hair extensions should have a keratin tip at the very end of the extension. This enables a professional stylist to attach each strand to natural hair with ease and accuracy. The keratin is generally nail shaped, enabling ease in melting the bond to natural hair to create a tight seal. Nail tips may also be called “u”, “flat tip,” or “v tip,” but they all refer to the same type of fitting.


Whether or not strands are “prebonded” – Prebonded are extensions that are not sold as loose hair. Each strand is created individually and bundled together.


The color – Taking the time to carefully select the color for hair extensions is important for the end results. While exact matches in color may not always be feasible, matching high or lowlights can create a stunning look.


Maintenance required – If maintenance requirements recommended go beyond instructions for natural hair care, extensions are most likely not authentic nail tip human hair strands. The reason this type of extension is so highly favored is that it can be brushed, cleaned and styled using the same routine a wearer employed prior to getting extensions.


Adding length, volume and style to an ordinary head of hair is easy when extensions are considered. To ensure the highest quality, most natural look, it’s important to insist upon nail tip human hair extensions.


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