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Stick Tip Hair Extensions - Create Beautiful Long Hairstyles Instantly

When it’s time to add length, volume and bounce to a hairstyle, waiting for tresses to grow out on their own isn’t necessary. Stick tip hair extensions provide a distinct way to create beautiful, long hairstyles instantly without having to worry about heat, glue or any other issues that may damage natural locks.


Stick tip hair extensions, which are also known as I-Tips, are one of the most popular options for enhancing natural hair. This distinct method involves applying extensions using tiny micro-rings that clamp onto a person’s own hair. This means there is no need to worry about glue, heat or other adhesive methods that may break or damage hair. What’s even better is that stick tips can last up to three months, which makes them an excellent choice for those who simply don’t want to bother with a constant need to reapply extensions to enjoy the length they’re after.


When selecting stick tip hair extensions, be sure to consider these things to ensure the best possible results:


The type of hair selected – Regardless of the application method, Remy human hair is considered the superior choice for an extension. Not only is this type of hair natural, it is also collected in such a way as to ensure that all follicles line up in a single direction. This maintains a more natural look and texture pattern while helping prevent tangles. Remy human hair is also favoured by many since it doesn’t require any special treatment. Extensions that are made from genuine human hair can be washed, dried and styled just like a person’s own hair.


Consider the material the micro-rings are made from – Micro-rings are preferred by many because they are difficult to detect and they tend to be more comfortable to wear than other application techniques. For additional comfort, however, silicone-lined micro rings tend to deliver the best. They simply add extra cushioning and provide a strong grip to ensure lasting use.


Pay attention to the colour selected – Pre-bonded stick tip extensions are available in a diversity of colours. If a natural look is desired, seek out extensions that are a match or close match for natural hair colour. Going with good matches for high or low lights can also work beautifully. Do keep in mind that natural Remy human hair extensions can be dyed, as well.


There’s no reason to wait for natural hair to grow if a longer style is desired. Stick tip hair extensions provide a discerning option that delivers instant results. If it’s time to explore the possibilities stick tip extensions offer, be sure to shop online. Reputable online stores offer a rainbow of colours and lengths with the quality that can only come from Remy human hair.


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