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8 All-Time Favourite Popular Men’s Hairstyles

There are plenty of men who’ve given us our favourite hairstyles—be it David Beckham’s Mohawk or Elvis Presley’s famous quiff hairstyle that had the world going gaga over him. From long hairstyles to short ones, you can’t deny the fact that a hairstyle can change a man’s persona. So if you’re looking for research on a list of hairstyles to try out this season, we’ve got an extensive low-down on the most popular all-time fave hairstyles for men. Read on to know what they are…


This one is when the sides are shaved while hair at the top is on the right, left or even backwards. Perfect for men who like experimenting with their looks, the undercut hairdo is easily achievable with an effective hair gel.


Surely, this one looks high maintenance but a nicely done pompadour will easily get you all the attention you’ve been yearning for. In this men’s hairstyle, the hair is swept back above the forehead—its look is neat and is easily achievable using a blow dryer and a pomade.

Buzz cuts

Also known as the military cut, the buzz cut will always be the go-to men’s hairstyle. This is when the hair is extremely short not more than 3-4 inches. If like a low maintenance men’s hairstyle that’s fuss free and easy to pull off, buzz cut is what you ought to try out!

The fade cut

In this men’s hairstyle, the texture of the hair remains on top but on both the temples, it is kept shorter. If you have curly hair, try going for a fade on the side while keeping your lustrous curls on top. But make sure you don’t step out without a bit of leave in conditioner in your hair.


This men’s hairstyle is all about keeping the volume at the top. But if you don’t like too much volume, you can decide on how much texture you actually want. The best part is that you can actually experiment further with this one by keeping it messy or neat.

Side part

This is when your hair is split on the left or right section—depending on which side you like your part. Perfect for men who suffer from bald spots and wish to conceal them, this men’s hairstyle is smart and stylish. If you want a slick look, go for a gel that will help set on your hairstyle perfectly.

Messy fringe

This hairstyle strictly for the experimental man—you have a textured messy fringe over your forehead. Unlike us girls, you needn’t worry about the fringe looking poker straight for effect; this one can stay as messy as possible!

French crop

If you’re confused about whether you want to go long or short, this is the perfect men’s hairstyle for you. This is when you keep it short on the side and back but play with length and texture on top. Give it a messy effect and you’re all set to rock your hairdo!