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The Journey of Bags from Rugged Face to Slim Toned

Yesterday’s bags looked rugged and were just mere conjugation of some clothes, animal skins or plant fibers stitched together meant to carry things. Even snakeskins were used to store water and carried along in long journey.


Today’s bags have different variants. The well-crafted bags have become more of a fashion icon rather than an object of daily utility. Men and women both carry bags according to their attire and purpose. The once known ‘just bags’ have taken face, size, style and have converted itself into backpack, bin bag, drawstring bag, handbag, laptop bag, plastic bag, satchel, diaper bags, paper bags etc.


At times you hit the gym and have to carry sufficing things and on the other side, you want your bag to stand out of the crowd. You can trust on the American Football Backpack which has a typical look of a football but gives you enough space for your gym water bottle, keys and specs.


Kids also have their share of choices, so you can buy a mushroom shaped or helmet shaped handbag printed in bright colors. All you have to do is just lay back and buy online backpacks at best priceavailable with few clicks of the mouse.


Gone are the days when carrying a toddler for an outing needed well-versed arrangements. You can easily fit everything in a diaper bag and carry it wherever you go. The Sunveno-Diaper Bag comes in all different colors and some are pretty fashionable too with 2 in 1 diaper bags and pouch.


The apparel industry is always on its toe to invent new bags which have a good utility as well as eye-catching.



Bags are omnipresent. You can find it in different shapes and forms and some are quite attractive. The online stores have given away more options than the retail stores which might not be able to deliver the right color or right style you need. According to the fashion industry bags will sustain its importance till time to come.


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