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Legal Separation and Paternity Lawyers: Hand Over Your Legal Complexities to San Diego Legal Experts

Legal separation and divorce are two different terms and filing for legal separation give the parties some legal distance to think about divorce options. In a legal separation, both the party must agree on getting separated and court enjoys the powers of child support and property division. Unlike divorce, the judgment process in legal separation is quick without any residency requirement clause and couples are not allowed for re-marriage. Spouses can separate their assets and obtain custody order when legal separation is based on either party’s religion.

Filing for legal separation in San Diego in the absence of any skilled family law attorney can cost you in terms of both time and money. You certainly do not want to extend this difficult time period further through lots of legal paperwork’s and understanding each and every complicated legal terminology. Most of the professional law firms understand your tensions and they try to make the whole process simple and straightforward to help you in resuming your life again as quick as possible. You can even download legal separation forms (these forms are state approved and accepted by the court) from the law firm’s websites and can easily file for the legal separation.

Most men are not aware of the fact that if they are not married to a mother of their children, they cannot claim any legal rights with respect to the children. Once the paternity has been proven by DNA testing or Paternity Affidavit, an unmarried father can claim for custody rights in the form of Visitation Schedule and Parenting Plan with the guidance of paternity lawyer in San Diego. Parents who are not married must sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity when a child gets born before or after they leave the hospital.  

DNA paternity testing has become a quick procedure this day and indisputable proof for parentage. The father seeking for custodial rights can submit to a paternity test or an order from the court can compel the apparent father for DNA testing. Paternity Affidavit is handed over to the father at the hospital at the time of child’s birth.

Paternity lawyer in San Diego offers expert legal guidance which makes legal complexities and procedures simple and easy to follow. All the legal formalities are taken care of by a professional paternity attorney so that you can carry on living your life stress and tension-free. Hiring and consulting with a proficient lawyer can give you speedy resolution in your child custody matter. You will be saved from unnecessary delays and lengthy paperwork.