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Is Surgery Not an Option For You?We Have Many Other Treatments to Regain Hair

Most of the people want or try to look smart and impressive in social situations. Therefore, they are always eager to improve the facial features like eyes, lips, nose etc. However, For many of the people, hair care is the main concern because of the importance of healthy hair. Hair is the first sign of beauty and those are really blessed who never faced the problems like hair loss, baldness etc. Are you worried because of hair loss problems and seeking for Hair Loss Treatment in Ahmedabad? You can choose hair transplant surgery if you find yourself as a suitable candidate for the surgery.

However, if you are one of them who just don’t want to undergo any surgery and wish to have a treatment with no harm and with no surgical procedure, there are a lot of other non-surgical treatments that are beneficial for hair loss.

Hair loss is a critical problem and it takes place due to several reasons. Therefore, the experts have tried to invent many treatments that are helpful for patients in different situations.

Here we are going to tell about some of the main non-surgical hair loss treatments:

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP hair loss treatment is one of the most popular hair loss treatment that are totally non-surgical. The PRP treatment involved drawing your own blood and processing it in a centrifuge to extract Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP from the blood. This PRP is believed to be extremely beneficial because of certain growth factors. These growth factors stimulate hair growth and improve disturbed hair growth cycle.


Minoxidil is an FDA approved drug. It is used to promote hair growth and to stop further hair loss. It is rubbed on the scalp under the supervision of an expert. There are two types of the solution used for men and women. Extra strength solution is used for men and regular strength is used for women. It is necessary to use the drug regularly for consistent results. This drug must not be used without the subscription of a registered medical practitioner.  


Mesotherapy is a non-invasive hair restoration technique in which a special solution is injected to the scalp to stimulate re-growth of the hair. The solution contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes, and nucleic acids. It targets the middle layer of the skin. The procedure is completely painless and safe when it is performed by a trained professional. It is possible to go back home the same day and generally, the procedure is done without any dressing or anesthesia. This therapy is used to neutralize the excess of DHT and increase the blood circulation.

Derma Roller:

A derma roller is a device with a wheel that is attached to a handle. The wheel has just a few millimeters long tiny needles. The device it rolled over the skin to treat androgenic alopecia. The derma roller triggers the production of human growth factor that is essential to promote the production of hair cells. The tiny wounds caused by the needle are healed by the body by producing new skin in the area of the wound. Therefore, the human growth factor and other chemicals are released to assist the process. These chemicals with human growth factor stimulate hair growth.

You can meet a Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad by visiting the Avenues clinic and know more about non-surgical procedures for hair restoration.