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8 tips to increase speed of your slow computer

When we are working on our computer, many obsolete data, files are store in the computer and virus or hardware issues that may be slowing down the system. Computer don’t have endless life with time, software and hardware. We may not be able to achieve same computer speed as when we bought it. If we are update our computer on regularly time and clean unwanted file or data from our system then we can easily get a boost in performance. It can be easily fixed, if you just dedicate some time to your PC and follow our Tips.


Below you will find some simple tips that can be easily followed to get increase in performance. Follow all the tips that you can easily follow, and you will definitely see some positive results.


Here is How To speed up computer:-

1. Restart your computer:-

When your computer will be slow then you may restart your computer, it is a good way to get rid of the processes and have a fresh start. When computer will boot, there will be no additional process until you start opening and closing applications.


2. Cool it down:-

If we will use our computer for past 3 days, then the poor thing deserves a rest. When they heat up then system slow down automatic, and just turn it completely shut down for 2-3 hours and start using again.


If your PC heats up quickly, its fan is clean and use a cooling pad for your laptop.


3. Use a Simple Desktop Background:-

If we use live wallpapers or screen servers then laptop running are very slow, so don’t use live wallpapers or screen savers. These wallpapers use your laptop resources. Windows default background is quite light, just use that.


4. Scan your PC for Malware and Viruses:-

If Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and other such bad programs are present in your computer then system’s speed will be slow. Theses bad programs may work hidden in the background to damage your data, and in the process they also use your PC’s valuable resources.


So use a good antivirus and anti-malware software to make your PC is clean. For this purpose, Avast Antivirus and Malware bytes are great tools.


  1. Clean Registry:-

In computer, it is suited for anyone who is unsure about making manual changes to their registry. There are number of registry cleaning software available to remove unwanted entries from the registry.


The wise registry cleaner are the most simple and free to use tool. It has one-click operation, and it is extremely light and powerful tool.


  1. Disable Start up Programs:-

In the system, if Start up programs can slow down your PC boot time and leave processes in the background that slow down your PC performance. To disable start up programs, then press “Windows+R” and type in “msconfig” in Run.


Now, navigate to the “Start up” tab and you will get all the programs that start up with your PC. Just without check all the programs you don’t want to start with the PC and click on “OK” to apply changes.


7. Clean up your Browser Data:-

When we browsing, browser stores all the temporary data in your PC that will not get automatically deleted. It will slow down computer, your browsing and take unrequired space on your hard drive. You can use browser clean software for your system and the browser to get some performance boost.


8. Delete Duplicate Files:-

If speed of your computer has slow then delete all junk files or duplicate files because system may build-up duplicate files like media files, documents or even system files due to copy/pasting between device or any other similar reasons. You can also install duplicate cleaner software who will clean your PC and your PC’s speed will better.


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