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Why you should chose the best hospital er near me?

Emergency rooms are the most stressful worksites in medical healthcare system all around the world. It is very likely for you to expect highest possible accuracy and effectiveness in the services provided by the emergency room staff as it is directly related to patient’s life and death.  However, in some poorly maintained emergency rooms, the patients are not given proper treatment, which sometimes result in long term damage to the patient’s health, or even in the termination of the patient’s life. A brief list of the most common mistakes occurred in the emergeny care hospitals is given below.

Diagnostic Error

When you reach an emergency care with serious medical issue, the first thing you’ll experience is a process of diagnosis called “triage”. The nurse asks you questions related to you medical history, the reasons of your current situation, your current feelings etc. The failure of the nurses in determining the exact problem of the patient by triage system accounts for the majority of the emergency room failure all around the world. The failures include mistakenly given preliminary treatment, misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the diagnosis report by the nurses, and wrongly given post-diagnosis instructions to the patients.

Delayed Treatment

In most cases, the nurses involved in conducting triage system are responsible for the delayed treatment of the patients. The triage system is primarily conducted in order to categorize the patients in a priority basis. Comparatively more severe patients secure earlier appointment with the doctor. If the nurses fail to understand the severity of a patient, the patient’s meeting with the doctor is delayed, which, in most of the time, leads to the death of the patient. Again, in cases of a huge influx of emergency patients, there are often too few doctors to look after the patients in due time. In such cases, patients are treated by nurses with a higher rate of mistaken treatment risk.

Wrong Treatment

Sometimes the doctors have to look after a great number of patients at the same time. As they have to hurry, they sometimes fail to correctly detect the symptom and instruct wrongly. The only solution to such problems is to increase the number of doctors in cases of emergency public health issues. After all, they are humans like you, not robots.

The emergency nearest emergency room locator room errors often result in the deadliest consequences. It is important for the patients to try avoid the overcrowded emergency rooms, and if possible, to look for the alternatives. On the other hand, the authorities must take proper steps to minimize the errors in emergency rooms.