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Questions About Foam: A Few Foam Party Planning Basics

Perhaps you’re a party pro.  You have learned a few things when it comes to planning an unforgettable shindig for anything from frat parties and festivals to company celebrations. You have yet to venture into the territory of legendary foam parties, however, and the prospect is becoming more and more appealing to you as your internal demand for new experiences grows. Many aren’t sure how to host a foam party because they’ve never done it before.  Where does one find foam? How do you clean it up? What is a foam party rental? A small amount of internet research will show that hosting foam parties takes commitment, but there are many resources at your disposal. The part of you that thrives on providing people with unforgettable experiences will tell you that this is a commitment worth making. You may have questions about this kind of party. Here are a few answers.

Why Are Foam Parties Novel?

Foam parties are not a new concept, yet their novelty has yet to wear off. Why is that? Simply put, in most places they are still quite rare. Perhaps this is because there seems to be a common misconception that foam parties require additional resources and lavish budgets. However, these parties simply require a different approach to planning. When organizing more traditional events, one may hire a catering service, DJ or band, for example. When planning a party with foam, some expenses, such as the cost of hiring the band or catering, may become unnecessary because some companies provide the DJ and other options as part of the package. Take advantage of this perceived novelty. Contact a foam party rental company to explore options and possibilities. Make a list of everything that you would like to include, then get creative with how you can consolidate services.

When Are Foam Parties Appropriate?

Not every situation calls for foam. If you’ve been tasked with planning a celebration, consider your audience. Are the attendees likely to enjoy it? Is a foam party feasible in your desired venue? Think about attire.  Will you be able to advise attendees of what to wear beforehand, or will guests arrive from a previous function with no opportunity to change clothes?

What Do You Wear?

Though fluffy and seemingly lighter than air, foam is still ultimately made of water. You should expect to get wet.  Advise your attendees to wear clothing that can handle moisture.  Avoid dry-clean only materials and fabrics that absorb and hold water easily. Swimsuits and outdoor wear are perfect for this! Non-slip shoes are not necessary, but it may be wise to consider party shoes with good tread. Also, advise your attendees to either leave moisture-sensitive devices at home or keep them in water-proof containers. You may want to offer plastic bags and/or a cellphone check as your guests arrive.

It’s good to know that there are foam party specialists who not only know how to tackle tough tasks such as foam acquisition, cleanup and safety, but also answer other questions you may have. Finding a foam service can save time while also providing cost effective solutions. Take a different approach and plan a party that stands out.