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Hair Transplant: Get Real Growing Hair in a Single Day Treatment

Can you just think of getting real growing hairs after the treatment done in a single day? Yes, hair transplant is the only procedure that allows you to restore natural looking hairs even if you have lost all your hairs and the procedure merely takes a day to give the optimum outcomes. If you want to get assurance of 100 percent guaranteed results then you must undergo Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad

First let us have the in-depth knowledge of hair transplant.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure that is carried out by experienced doctor. It works mainly by the extracting hair from the lower back of the head and transplanted to recipient part on head. It can not only restore the hairs on head but also in eyebrows, eyelashes, beard hair. This procedure is not a gender specific procedure. Hence, it can be carried out on men as well as on women. Hair Transplant can also be carried out in cases of hair loss due to burns or diseases of the scalp. People consider hair transplant as a sure-shot solution to restore hairs and boost self confidence.

Time Taken to Carry Out Hair Transplant

An experienced surgeon hardly takes 5-6 hours to carry out hair transplant procedure for maximum size case. However, if you fail to choose the experience doctor then you might experience worst outcomes. The veteran surgeons take only half the time of other doctors, while carrying out the surgery. Giving few hours to hair transplant surgery will allow you to restore real hairs.

With in small span of time you will notice the real growing hairs.

After 1 – 5 Days of Hair Transplant

After the surgery, in the first 5 days, you will experience swelling on the forehead and at the back of the head. Swelling resolves after the first week.  

After 6 – 10 Days of Hair Transplant

During this period, all the crusting must have gone and the transplanted hairs will appear like a navy-cut haircut. After day 10, the staples are removed.

After 12 Months of Hair Transplant

You will obtain about 80% of the growth of the transplanted hairs. You will also notice that 20 percent of the hairs have emerged from the scalp. 

Find the best Hair Clinic in Ahmedabad for hair transplant so that you get the assurance of 100 percent guaranteed results.