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Hair Extensions, The Secret to Beautiful Hair

Not everyone is born with a thick, flowing head of hair that can take on almost any style imaginable. That doesn’t mean that people need to content themselves with the tresses Mother Nature gives them. Hair extensions are the secret to beautiful hair that can enable anyone to transform their looks within minutes.


Hair extensions are appearance boosters that are added in with a person’s own natural hair. They serve to make tresses look thicker and fuller. They may also add length, if so desired. This distinct option for transforming a head of hair can quickly and most assuredly add bounce and body to a dull, lifeless head of hair. To ensure a look that’s natural and likely to last for at least a few months, there are a few things people need to know before seeking out hair extensions:


Application style matters – When selecting hair extensions be sure to pay attention to how they are applied to the hair. Nail tips or U-tips tend to be among the most popular because they are applied with heat using keratin bonds. Inasmuch, they tend to last for a while and can be easily removed with acetone. Nano- and micro-ring systems are also popular choices. These hair extensions use special ring systems to affix extensions to natural locks of hair.


Hair type is important – Hair extensions tend to be made out of either synthetic strands or natural hair. Remy human hair tends to offer the highest quality while providing the most natural look in the process. Although human hair strands will likely cost more than synthetic, many women simply prefer them because this type of extension looks like their own hair and is much easier to care for than synthetic strands.


Colour will matter – When selecting hair extensions take the time to explore the colour options available. Ideally, extensions will blend in beautifully with natural hair or pick up on natural high- or lowlights.


Cut and style are important – Be sure to settle on the desired look before selecting extensions. This will ensure enough length and fullness is added to achieve the style. It is also recommended that extensions be put in place before hair is cut and styled. This two-step process enables stylists to ensure the most natural blending of actual hair and extensions. If colour remains a concern after extensions are put in, many can be coloured darker to provide a more natural look.


Find out about care requirements is essential – Some hair extensions do not hold up well to heat and harsh chemicals. Others, however, can be cared for exactly like natural hair. Be sure to ask about care requirements before selecting extensions.

Hair extensions enable people to transform their locks in no time at all. This distinct option is the secret to obtaining the style dreamed of even if Mother Nature hasn’t provided the body or length necessary.


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