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Get Exclusive Designer Shirt for Men Online

Designer shirts for men are available online at many different prices. Two main categories of fibres are used in these kinds of shirts, natural fibre and man-made fibre (synthetics or petroleum based). Some natural fibres are line. Earlier historically these shirts were made of cotton, ramie, wool, silk and more recently bamboo or soya. Some synthetic fibres are polyester, viscose, etc. There are four main weaves for shirting. They are plain weave, oxford, twill and satin. After weaving, finishing can be applied to the fabric. There are various kinds of neck styles like polo-neck, scoop neck, v-neck but no collar, plunging neck, open or tassel neck, collar winds or collar or spread collar, a dressier. Another kind of collar in designer shirts is wing collar is and is best suited for the bow tie, often only worn for very formal occasions.

The designer shirts for men which are available online are of premium quality,and are one of the fastest growing categories of the apparel business. Customers are ready to pay for the latest label, fitting, quality and the finishing of the shirts. The difference between a designer shirt and a non-designer shirt often has to do with the fabric quality, texture of the material, design details, and where they are manufactured. There seemed to be no limit to what a non-designer shirt that has to been treated with multiple washes, pressed, dyed.These materials undergo a certain amount of damage to get the worn in feel, all of this is done to achieve a texture. In this sense, the expensive shirt may be more delicate and soft than the cheap ones. Shirt brands also try to be best and also update their trends from season to season by using patented materials, such as rivets and stitching, and by using special washes and distressing methods. These might involve dying and pressing. These methods can be particularly expensive when done abroad, where factories must meet more stringent environmental and labor standards than in many low-cost nations. To be produced domestically shirts have to be priced more. So that means they are expensive then they are supposed to be. So these designer shirts with best quality and price are the profit margins on premium shirts can be substantial.