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Central Park Cerise Suites Best Location for Investment

Real Estate is a very small proportion of their total business as described by the central park there are many other businesses that is running by them named as below:-

  • Oriental Structure and Engineers is the parent company of the central park which is among the top construction company in India, they have constructed 42 Airstrips of International Airports and the well known development is Buddha circuit and Yamuna expressway.
  • Continental Engines is the automobile company which supply the spare as well as the ancillary parts to the Harley Davidson, Nissan, Porsche, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce and too many other reputed auto-mobile company in all over Europe.
  • Hospitality Sector: - In hospitality sector they are the owners of various famous properties such as of Le Meridien on MG Road, Elofft Hotel in Erocity and they are the patent right owners of “I Candy disc and Bar”.

They are into the business of manufacturing of some R&D equipment for defence and for the Indian railways too.