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Online Dating Tips - Helps in Meeting Your Date

While various couples find their soul mates through mutual friends, events, school, or work, most of them are being fetched by cupid online.

Therefore the classic "can I have your number?" is not sufficient anymore. The fact that you can now meet thousands of singles with the simple click of your mouse is an overwhelming feeling. This certainly has become the new found way to network or meet friends and the most interesting option to meet potential mates. It’s fascinating to know that you can meet all kinds of interesting people from different parts of the world within a short period of time. However, the key to actually find “the one” online is based upon your online social interaction skills.

Here are some Love Kouture tricks that will help you succeed in online dating:

1. Your public profile should be amusing and captivating, highlighting your hobbies and interests. You want to be able to attract decent candidates with similar likes. In other words you are marketing yourself so don’t ever lie because it always backfires.

2. Your profile picture is just as important as your profile; therefore make sure that you select a natural looking picture with a not so busy background. Let others see your great features, without being distracted by the flashy light reflecting in your bathroom mirror. I suggest choosing a more recent picture, since you do not want to give of a wrong impression when there’s a meet up involved.

3. It is very important to know the expectations and personalities of the individuals you are frequenting because the more comparisons you notice between you and any of them the better the chances for a real encounter.

4. Use the dating site’s location tools to find friends around your area, within your same city. This will guarantee you better opportunities for a potential meet up.

5. Start slowly, if you are interested in someone be prudent, send them a small message or a brief question. There is nothing wrong with being the first one to take the first step!

6. Be able to transmit your personality through your online conversations and definitely take your time. Building a friendship should be the first thing on your mind before deciding he/she might be “the one”.

7. Seduction is such an important factor; use your imagination to become enthralled. Not only will it help you discover what you really seek in your partner, but what sets him or her apart.

8. Once you’ve found someone, be flexible. Become authentically interested in his or her life, occupation, and interests; because through this mutual connection you will be able to create a close bond between the two, somewhat intimate.

9. It is very important that you don’t build high expectations. Don’t look at every individual you meet with the excitement of he or she potentially being “the one” or you’ll head towards disappointed. Take your time to get to know their flaws, qualities, and interests.

 10. Lastly, if you have been talking to someone for more than three months online and still avoids meeting up with you, do yourself a favor and do not waste your time. Forget him or her; there are plenty of confident fish in the sea who wouldn’t mind meeting you.


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