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Age No Bar For Hair Transplant: You Can Be 18 To 60!

While the Avenues Clinic is setting new milestones daily in the field of Ahmedabad Hair Transplant, it is now easy to bring your hair back with a completely natural look. There are a lot of patients who are still confused about having the hair transplant surgery. There are different factors that stop the people from deciding finally. Such factors are cost, the age of the patients, baldness severity of the baldness problems etc. Age is one of the main factors making this confusion. Some of the patients who are at 60 think that they cannot undergo the hair transplant sugary due to the ageing process. On the other hand, the patients at 20 or 30, think that they are not the suitable candidates due to young age. The experts say that the patients may come to the doctor at any age. To know more about the ageing and the hair transplant surgery, we must consider some of the following points.

The unstable baldness

Hair loss is normal at a certain stage and at this stage, the hair loss is not considered as a permanent disease. Hair loss can be severe and leads to the baldness that is started from the hairline and temples. Further, it spread in the crown area and later the baldness on the both areas is merged to make a large bald area. The baldness is stable after leaving a layer of hair on the back and sides of the head.

The base of hair transplant

Hair transplant is performed using specific instruments to remove the hairs from the back and sides of the head and then, to transplant the removed hair to the bald areas. There are two main procedures of hair transplant called FUE and FUT. The hair borrowed from the donor sites are genetically made to be stable for a long time. Therefore, the hair transplant provides permanent results most of the time.

The donor areas

As it is clear now, the hair transplant surgery is totally based on the donor sites of the head. If the hairs on the donor areas are healthy, the patients have no problem and the surgery is performed effectively. The surgeon has limited options if the donor areas are not properly dense and healthy.

What is the proper age for hair transplant?

According to the hair transplant experts, the patients may come to them at any age and they are prepared to treat you According to the condition of your scalp and hair. if you are observing the sign of baldness at early ages, you must visit a clinic to start the treatment. However, the expert is going to check the stage you are at before he takes some further steps. Restoring hairline (at the start of baldness) is always possible for a surgeon due to an adequate supply of donor hairs at that time. The same is not possible when the baldness is extremely severe and donor areas are not strong. So, actually, the age for hair transplant does not matter. For the surgeon, the density of donor area and the bald area to be covered is important only.

The Avenues clinic is prepared for Ahmedabad Hair Transplant at any age. However, it is the best if you meet the doctors when the donor area is quite healthy.