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Changing Course: The Natural Lifestyle

When you’ve decided to make a change in your life, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Most people agree that health and happiness are paramount to living the life they want, but there are opposing views on how to achieve that. As a consumer, you’re constantly taking in information from all sides and it’s up to you to decipher it all. Not only that, but old habits die hard, and it can be daunting when faced with a new path that might have a learning curve. There’s no doubt that a more natural, closer-to-the-earth way of living is a step in the right direction in this constantly shifting world. Enter essential oil blends.


Taking and using cues from nature to guide your daily life can be very capacitating. Suddenly you can have more control over what’s entering your body, and the side effects of discovering what works best for you may actually be the benefits. Often, one of the easiest ways to begin this learning process is to use a blend of essential oils.


Pre-blended mixtures are generally tailored to address specific health and wellness issues, making it simple to select what you need. An essential oils kit usually contains more than one blend, giving you even more freedom to experiment. As a beginner, this can eliminate the need to figure out what each plant’s properties are while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of these amazing oils.


Making the Transition


Essential oil blends can be used for skin care as well as home and spa care, and they can be used in diffusers, vaporizers, oil burners and much more. They have properties ranging from antibacterial to simply mood-lifting. There are even oils for reducing stress or boosting libido. Some even do double or triple duty, and any product that has multiple uses is often not only cost-effective, but also time-saving.


Bear in mind that although you’re getting closer to nature as you use the product, there’s still a chance that an oil won’t agree with you or a member of your family. When trying any new product, be sure to check all ingredients for potential sensitivities or do a patch test. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, be sure to check with your doctor first; plants, nuts, seeds and fruit have been used medicinally throughout history and can be equally as potent and effective as traditional medicines.


In terms of sourcing, look for an end product that’s been gently processed to ensure that the curative compounds are preserved in the finished product. Finding products produced by organic growers practicing sustainable farming is ideal, and following this logic, you’re giving back to the earth as you buy.


Enjoying a Simpler Approach


Making the transition away from fewer chemicals will improve your daily life in many ways, peace of mind being on the forefront. Using essential oil blends is a practice that enhances your body, mind and spirit and allows you to take control of your personal health while helping the environment. As you become more familiar with the practice of aromatherapy, you can expand your repertoire and perhaps even create your own blends.