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Singing Bowls - From What to Do

Ancient singing bowls are made of an alloy of five metals. The copper-based alloy was, with the addition of tin, zinc, iron and other metals, most of the gold, silver or nickel. However, often singing bowls made from different alloys, consisting of from 3 to 12 different metals.
Each metal in the alloy composition, which is made from the cup possesses its own sound. As a result, the ancient singing bowls emit a sound consisting of several overtones.
According to the legend, iron included in the alloy, which was produced from singing bowls was the meteor. Meteorites falling in Tibet, pass through a thin layer of the atmosphere (since Tibet is high above the sea level) and have other properties than meteorites found in other, more lowland regions. This is often explained by the unusual sound of the ancient Tibetan bowls. Is this the reason in fact, remains a mystery.
Another mystery - the very emergence of singing bowls. On this topic, there are three legends. In the oldest of the three legends, they say that the first religion in Tibet was shamanism, and Lama received information directly communicating with higher spirits. Once it has been predicted that the Earth Special Forces object to appear, through which people can communicate with the cosmic mind. In deep meditation, Lama saw that the forces of the object must have a bowl shape, and consist of an alloy of 8 elements: gold, silver, iron, copper, lead, tin... but the eighth element remained unknown to them.
The monks have made a bowl of the first seven metals but did not get the desired effect. Then the Supreme Lama appealed to the Supreme Spirits for help to those suggested to them as all the same to make the subject of the Force. And, in response to the request of the High Lamas of the Cosmos was sent meteor rain, which fell in the area of the sacred Mount Kailash. The ore was from meteorites thereby the eighth element. Bowl made of an alloy of these eight elements, began to publish extraordinary strength and vibration sounds. Steel bowl used during religious ceremonies. Through the music of Tibetan singing bowls, the monks to clear the space and called for clean energy flows, which impacted on people's minds and make them lighter thoughts.
Modern singing bowls are made, more often, of bronze or copper, without the addition of rare and precious metals, which affects the sound. Singing Bowl handmade bowls are far superior, made by machine. These bowls, of course, cheaper, but their sound is limited to only two overtones.
On the number of overtones, it depends not only on the quality (depth and "wealth" of sound) but also the impact that the singing bowl can have on humans and the environment. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase and use singing bowls hand-forged, made from an alloy of several metals.
Cast bowls can be used not for all purposes. Many effects can be obtained only by forged bowls. This will be discussed below.

When selecting a bowl, refer, first of all, their own feelings. Listen to the sound of the bowl. Good singing bowl sounds continuous, clean and clear and makes no rattling, inharmonious "extra" sounds. If at the sound you run "shivers" over the body, then - this is your cup. The mind can make mistakes, but a body you will never cheat.
Meditation bowls for cleaning and harmonization of space.
As mentioned above, the singing bowl creates two spiral:

Sound diverges widening circles, in a spiral from the outside of the bowl,
At the same time, the sound spirals inside the bowl.
As these spirals act on the space in which the singing bowl?
Negative and stagnant energy is carried away in a spiral, directed outwards. A new, clean, luminous, cosmic energy "is called" spiral screw inside the bowl. Thus, singing bowl cleanse can clean your home from negative energy and, at the same time, to fill the house auspicious energy (Qi energy, which is necessary for good health, prosperity, wealth and prosperity, and just for peace of mind and good mood).
The meditation bowl should not carry. Only remaining fixed, the bowl reaches the full volume of the sound.
Use the singing bowl to cleanse and space and "invocation" Qi energy should regularly (meaning, do not forget that singing bowl is designed to extract sound - so it cleans and harmonizes space).
No wonder various bowls are used in Feng shui for a variety of purposes - to attract wealth, abundance, success, fulfillment of desires. Singing Bowl - is no exception. It eliminates the negative energy, helps to accumulate positive energy, and helps to create a balance between yin and yang (female and male energies), bring the house good luck and prosperity.
Bowl represents female energy Yin (which is concave, rounded), and the wood stack represents masculine Yang. When connecting the male and female energies (bowl and stack), in the "bosom" of the bowl is born "baby" - sound.
Singing Bowls for human exposure.
With the help of singing bowls, we can provide the most diverse effects on humans at all levels: body, mind, energy. They can:

• Raise the level of vital energy (Qi)
• Normalize blood pressure (see. the unique method of pressure treatment )
• Restore the immune system,
• Help get rid of stress caused by negative emotions and clamps on a physical level,
• Help to relax both physically and emotionally, to get rid of insomnia,
• To synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain, improve the ability to focus and increase creativity,
• To harmonize the process of respiration, which in itself can save a lot of trouble (see. How to breathe correctly)
• Improve hearing,
• Restore the skeletal system.
Let's look at several ways to influence the sound of singing bowls per person:

2. Singing Meditation Bowls - listening.
3. Singing Meditation Bowls - Massage (nada-massage, sound therapy).
Singing Bowls - listening.
You can just listen to the music of singing bowls; you can "play" on their own. And in fact, and in another case, singing bowls will provide you their beneficial effects. The music of singing bowls (live or recorded) can be practiced meditation, meditative exercises (yoga, Qigong), dances (e.g., Mandala Dance).

In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used for meditation, prayers and immersion in trans. Chinese Buddhists use the bowl during chanting, striking into the bowl when singing a certain phrase in a sutra, mantra or hymn. In Japan and Vietnam with the help of bowls measure time in prayer and is used as a signal for a change of activity.
Many have noted the ability of music singing bowls evoke in the listener a variety of altered states of consciousness, a sense of "weightlessness" of emptiness. It is not necessary to believe in the word - Listen and try to feel it yourself.

Singing Bowls - Massage (nada-massage, sound therapy).
Naturally, no one offers directly massaging the human body by the bowls. Massage singing bowls - a sound message, although a touch cups to the body is possible (and sometimes a bowl placed on the human body).

In one of the possible options for sound massage, bowls placed around the lying man as follows: large bowl, emits a deep sound, set close to the legs, and a small, thin-walled bowl emits a high, joyful sounds are placed closer to the head. Then alternately extract from them the sounds of light blows.

If you strike the singing bowl, holding it over the human body, you can see that in some places the bowl sound changes. So "speaks" a problem area. In this place should stay and continue to hit the bowl until the sound does not become "normal." Problem area absorbs the vibrations of the singing bowls, filled with them, and power in this part of the body temporarily comes into balance. It can be regarded as such an impact symptomatic treatment, because after some time, the problem is likely to return, if not to eliminate its causes.

Massage singing bowls can be carried out by acting on the seven major energy centers - chakras. Each chakra has its own color spectrum. Also, it corresponds to a certain frequency of sound. Before you start a massage, you should determine how it should sound each chakra (try it for yourself to determine which area of the body responds to a certain sound, or how the sound color is associated). Then, it is possible to influence the chakra sound vibrations of singing bowls as described above (not holding the cup over the body and holding it over a particular chakra, which wants to have an impact).