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Good Reasons To Go Kitesurfing

There is not only sailing in life, there is also a kite. If many sailors have already been tempted by this aerial and exhilarating sport, others – of which you may be a part – have not yet taken this step.

According to a French survey on which the kitesurf depends, there are around 13,000 licensees. But, since all practitioners are not dismissed, in France, a pioneer country and always at the forefront is estimated to be around 30,000.

This constantly growing figure proves that the latest addition to sliding sports is certainly not the least popular. Among the lovers of the kite, there are many adepts who wanted to discover a new form of gliding. Would you like to understand why sailing enthusiasts are so often seduced by kitesurf.

Is it difficult? Not so much, really. Especially since the sailors leave with a definite advantage over the novices of the wind and the sea; the skateboarders are also familiar with some of the technique. But whatever your previous nautical practices, it is strongly advised to take courses to progress quickly.

The major stages of kitesurf lessons Zanzibar? First, the contact with the support made on land – discovery, preparation of equipment and presentation of security systems. You then learn to pilot the wing either on the ground, with a suitable wing, or in water. You gradually become familiar with an essential and specific notion of kite: the "flight window", that is to say the space in which the wing can fly, the latter developing more or less power according to the place where it is placed in that space.

You also learn to take off your fallen wing in the water, then you practice to the "towed swimming" which consists of being pulled by the wing, flat on the stomach. You are ready to make your first edges. After a few waterstart attempts - sitting in the water, it is the click. You finally slide but losing to the wind! By working your supports and the positioning of the wing, you will gradually come up to the wind. The first attempts at jumps will then be possible, especially as the levels of progress are easily crossed and that autonomy is acquired quickly.

Kitesurf has a great advantage: the speed and the simplicity of setting up. Unroll its lines, inflate the wing, then connect it all takes only a few minutes.

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