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Software – The Importance Of Updates

This may be a bit cliché, all these debates around the pace of technology advancement, change as constant, and the need to have a head start. However, clichés always spread for a good reason, and usually because they contain some truth. The case of computer software, and in particular of internet security software, leads us inevitably to the debate on the rate of progress of the technology.

Originally, computer software was a static form of technology. You bought a program, you load it on your machine, and you use it as is until the release of a new version. This model has taken its toll. Today's digital world is in perpetual motion, and in order to make the latest advances immediately available, the software has become much more dynamic than before. Many programs can retrieve updates from the internet and seamlessly incorporate the new technology into the original software. Of course, not all updates are vital. For a video game or word processing software, updating with each new version is not essential. However, for security software, skipping updates can have serious consequences.

When loading, the effectiveness of the security software depends entirely on the information available at the time of its development. Between the development of the software and its use, the creators of viruses, pirates and malicious individuals constantly find new and inventive ways to attack their targets. This has critical implications for vulnerability. Even if you installed new antivirus software a few months ago, you may already be exposed to a plethora of new potential viral attacks.

Viruses can block your system resources, infect your data or even reformat your hard drive. They are a serious threat in perpetual evolution, and are not the only type of high risk. Security attacks continue to appear in other forms and at other scales. For example, many Internet users are now using broadband services to stay online permanently. This results in an increase in direct hacking on home computers. Hackers love to target always connected users and they continually develop new ways to infiltrate their personal computers. Other attacks of a new type are more subtle.

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