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Training provides a real experience about working in a particular job or career field. It provides a valuable knowledge about the specific course so, the training or internship is very important to be a result oriented person.

At present time, every person wants to get a strong career to make his life well settled, but it is not a simple work because in this time of competition every person works hard. A hard work is the best option to get success but as far as I think only by the hard work it feel little difficult. Hard work is so important but it should be in the right way if you are working hard but not in right way then no profits of this.

As a content writer I feel that for a job many people tries but only few get selection and the reason behind this is only that some does not works hard and some people who works hard but not in right way.

A summer or industrial training is the way which gives you the perfect knowledge about the course in which you are trying to make your career so training is very important before coming in the industries.

This is the time of competition so in the industries level they need trained person, so training has become the most important part to get a job but you should take complete knowledge about the company or industry before going because, to get a strong training you need a environment where you can get answers of all the questions and understanding with all the latest technology and tools of the industries.



I am kamal Sharma a professional content writer wants to share my words about the importance of the training in the career.  

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