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San Pedro Cutting of Cactus – A Mescaline Rich Source

Hallucination is regarded as a mental condition which not everyone gets to achieve. It is associated with the experiences which are not of conscious level and give people perceptions about the reality in a very vague correlation. There are plenty of drugs which assist people to achieve a state which may be similar to hallucination. These drugs are called hallucinogens. These drugs modify the perception of people for a short period of time, when taken in a prescribed quantity. If the state achieved is not hallucinating, it is somewhat like a trance as one achieved during meditation. One such hallucinogen is called the San Pedro cutting of Cactus. The cutting of this cactus is rich in mescaline which is used for healing and for divine religious treatments.

The growth of a San Pedro cactus is very easy. It can be done either from the cutting or from seeds. The reduced size cutting can be used to grow an entire San Pedro cactus plant. The growth and propagation can be done in two more ways – by laying the long cactus column on the ground for many days, from which root and sprout formation happens and eventually many cacti develop from one. The second method is that of seed sowing and growing a plant out of it. The more popular method is of propagating a plant from the San Pedro cutting.
The presence of mescaline makes this cactus most sought after in parts of the world where dependence on treatment through plant based drugs is high. Also, religious and belief-oriented treatment techniques (or traditions) largely use the mescaline for patients. Shamanism and plant based healing techniques widely include cultivation and purchase of this cactus. In fact, it is well known in several parts of the world about such properties of several cacti. But because of consumption for reaching trance states, this cactus finds wide opposition from usage and has been banned. Nevertheless, the use of San Pedro cutting has not fallen.

When it comes to animal healing, this cactus is of tremendous potential. The overall belief system and misuse of a particular object or chemical when clash, it leads to a problem in the society. Knowledge is not used in a proper way due to such mismatches and what results is a loss of knowledge which is not beneficial for mankind. Banning of San Pedro Cutting has resulted in similar issues especially in the regions of South America where people want to protect the tradition of plant healing.
Nevertheless, authentic and professional San Pedro cutting suppliers in various places, especially in South America work for the people belonging to the healers’ community and for regular gardeners and nursery keepers. These are shipped through a dedicated supply chain to various parts of the world. Proper quality of the cuttings and seeds is ensured and best practices are followed. You can always check out the websites of such companies to purchase for your nurseries.

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