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What is The Advantages of Central Park Cerise Suites?

Comprising spacious 2 BHK + Study option in Central Park Cerise Suites Floors at Central Park Flower Valley Sector 32 and 33 Sohna promises to offer you to a world of pure indulgence and luxury. This residential township with appealing accents everywhere sprawls across 180 acres and is tactically placed on Sohna Road. Here go few convincing reasons why this residential development is ideal to bring your dream lifestyle to reality:

Sohna (South of Gurgaon) is one of NCR's most loved suburbs, but how well do you know this beautiful residential region?

The Birth of South of Gurgaon

Long before Gurgaon became the real estate powerhouse that it is today, Sohna was a sleepy suburb only known for Damdama Lake, Aravalli Hills, Old Shiva Temple and Hot water springs. Fast forward hundreds of years and Sohna becomes part of Delhi NCR region during the rapid expansion of the Gurgaon city. Read these facts carefully if you are looking to invest in a residential property in Sohna. 

Entertainment galore & much more

Sohna are full of entertainment, magnetizing weekend frolickers from nearby regions to its world class malls and retail stores. Whether you want to watch a movie or an afternoon spent discussion with buddies at a cafe, this region has excellent connectivity from hot places of Sohna & Gurgaon.

Sohna greens with the seasons 

with the stunning Aravalli Hills in the backdrop; Sohna also has ample tree cover and countless tourist attractions, and number of hiking and picnic spots. Because of all this green surrounding, the region enjoys clean air all every time of the day. This is one of the main reasons why residential properties in Sohna are in high-demand.

Excellent Value Appreciation

If you want to buy a dream home in Sohna, zero-in on Central Park Flower Valley Cerise Suites Floors, located on Sohna Road. This project of independent floors is spread across wide acres that take advantage of the suburb's best advantages. Designed to follow the independent life, the development features best amenities and facilities like 10 world class academies, fitness farm, and social networking hub and wellness sanctuary .

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