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Keeping your Hair Glorious While Wearing Hair Extensions

Do you find it difficult to keep your hair shiny, strong and stylish without wearing hair extensions? Of course, it must be a big YES! It is almost impossible to carry on with latest trends without hair extensions because they change so quickly. One week you are going for Adele’s beehive, and the next you would die for Scarlet Johansson’s bob. You perhaps couldn’t have done it if Hair extensions did not exist.

To make this magic handy, you actually need to know the best ways to maintain them. Keeping extensions as well as your own hair strong and healthy is a must; after all your extensions are clipped onto your tresses.

Dulge Hair Extensions, an experienced dealer in Australia for several years, offers you several kinds of human hair extensions. We suggest every girl to choose the one that perfectly fits their hair's health condition. Hair extensions are the perfect solution for every woman, especially for the girls with slow-growing hair, flat & thin hair and processed hair. Keeping them healthy is very important to create a before-and-after dramatic effect daily; otherwise you will end up with a mess on your top.

Let’s explore how you can keep your hair glorious while wearing hair extensions

1. Don’t go too tight

Don’t clip it too tight! Tight clipping will not only physically hurt your skin and your scalp, but will also severely damage your hair from the root. So, leave some room for your natural hair to grow while clipping them up to your manes.

2. Styling care

One of the chief concerns for girls while using hair extensions is to style them nicely. It’s really very important to take your styling preferences into account before clipping in the extensions, as this will help you know what type you should use.

Generally, hair extensions don’t react severely to any products used for styling, and return to their original look after washing. While the products applied are almost safe, different hot tools used to curl your locks might cause irreparable damage to your extensions.

Fortunately, this disaster can be avoided if you apply heat protection spray on your original hair as well as extensions before doing any style and don’t use the highest temperature settings on your hot styling tools.

3. Vitamins! Vitamins! Vitamins!

Have you ever heard the expression you are what you eat? You might be surprised but, the same goes for your hair. If you have been eating greasy junk foodstuff, don’t expect the Kardashian shine to your hair. Stocking up on your vitamins is the secret to healthy hair. Healthy hair is happy hair & the easiest way to do this is by eating diets rich in vitamins, especially C.

4. On a Budget? Get the solution

Purchasing hair extensions can be quite costly, with some hair pieces pricing over $2,000. This is why many women have started to buy cheap hair extension online. This is a good solution for those who are on a budget but, before you delve into cheap extensions, you need to know that some cheap hair extensions can do major harm to your hair and scalp. This is why you should prefer buying them from a reliable hair extension dealer such as Dulge Hair Extensions. Good product will not irritate your scalp or skin and help you thicken your hair in no time. You can buy them at our Werribee store in Melbourne or order it online. We deliver Free Express post Australia-wide.

So girls, do as much styling as you want and stay stylish with the Dulge hair extensions!