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Real Hair Extensions Are An Investment - Make Them Best With Opulence Hair

When ladies decide to have a Hair Extension Process carried out, there are two areas on which they need to take a decision. One is the type of application method they wish to adopt. And the second is the type of hair they want to be used. We will give you some inputs on both these questions and leave you to take a final call depending on factors such as the budget you have in mind or your personal preference.

Hair Extension Kit:
If you're a stylist who already has been certified in extensions and are familiar with the bead tip method of application, here's the kit that's right for you.

  • The Advanced Bond Tip Kit - Extension Product Bag
  • Hair Extension Color Ring
  • Melting Connecter
  • 1 Bottle of Bond Dissolvent
  • Clear Rebonds
  • Gold Rebonds
  • Extension Pliers
  • Protector Tabs
  • Protector Strips
  • Black Grip Clips
  • Silver Clips
  • 2 Bundles of Bond Tip 100% Remy Human Hair (20 Strands per Bundle)

Real Hair Extensions
We provide the finest of 100% Remy Human Hair. Of the many different places human hair is found, ours comes from parts of India where the hair is cut ceremonially. It is then sent to our factory and carefully cleaned, inspected, and processed to the finished product.

We've made sure that next to the hair on your own head, Opulence hair extensions can't be beaten!

Fusion Hair Extensions Kit:
What sort of hair should you use for the extension process, whichever method you decide to adopt? There are basically two varieties to choose from – extensions made of human hair and those made out of synthetic fabrics. Synthetic hair can never look entirely natural, however, well it’s made, though it will be a lot cheaper than real human hair. Remy Human Hair is what looks best because it maintains the thin outer layer or "cuticle" which envelops every shaft of a woman’s hair. Because of this protection, Remy Human Hair retains the natural look and feel of the original hair and it is virtually impossible to detect extended hair if the process is carried out with Remy Hair.

Salon Quality Hair Extensions:
We leave it to you now to decide the method you are going to use for your extension and also the type of hair you’re going to insert. We are sure you will choose wisely!!

We sell only 100% Remy human hair. Praised for its beauty and strength, our European-quality Remy extensions are exceptionally long lasting, maintaining their softness and luxurious texture for months after lesser-quality. Our professional customer service team is always available by phone and email, to assist with your order and answer your questions. Please visit our website: